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Let’s chat about some new Revlon products

Okay so this is and isn't a press release. For those that don't know, a press release is when you are sent information on new products launching from a brand. What that does is obviously create a hype around a product (in this case Revlon products) and make us all rush out to spend our… Continue reading Let’s chat about some new Revlon products

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What I was loving in July {Monthly Faves}

I've already started a post with 'oh my word, can you believe that it's August already?', so no need for the dramatics today again đŸ˜‰ It's an exciting time of the year, because my baby boy turns 2 soon, then it's a snow ball of birthdays and celebrations! In case you missed it, I've started… Continue reading What I was loving in July {Monthly Faves}

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Mini Clicks Haul!

The struggle to stay away from Clicks and Dischem is real.....especially with these 3 for 2 promos that seem to run when you have no money! Like this Clicks one ended on the 21st! I mean...come on??? Throw a girl a bone...or some cash....or free make up vouchers. Too much to ask for? So I innocently… Continue reading Mini Clicks Haul!