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    Night time skin care routine for oily skin!

    Oily skin care routine

    About this heat……wherever the ‘oven of planet earth‘ is located, can somebody please go and close it??? With loadshedding on top of it, especially at work…..it becomes a bit of a nightmare. I sometimes go and sit in my car with the air con running, but alas, I cannot be doing that for 2hrs at a time!! I absolutely hate my skin feeling oily and heavy, so I’m always trying to ensure that my skin care routine gives me just enough hydration, without looking oily, especially with the heat… because I can go from fresh faced glow to ‘would you like…

  • Book Reviews

    Woman on the Edge {Audio book review}

    This will probably be one of the last audio book reviews on the blog, because I need to cancel my Audible subscription soon! I however really do enjoy a good audio book. It keeps me sane and keeps me company…

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