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Just another ‘mani’ Monday

Get it? Are you singing along? If you’re not…..I’m obviously super old ????????


Okay so we’re all about that grey, bout that grey…. My sister will tell you that I can literally do that all day, make a song about everything. Maybe I was a singer in a previous life?

Another thing my sister may tell you, is that I’m obsessed with doing my nails. The more colours and GLITTER, the better. She regularly complains that my nails may actually blind her.

So I’ve been waiting for the Essence ‘All that greys’ collection to hit since about April I think? It was delayed and I thought perhaps I made it up in my head. Finally, when walking into Clicks on Wednesday last week, there it was…with that halo ‘hallelujah’ music playing. Unfortunately there were only 2 colours left, so I took them, along with a lip gloss and some nail stickers.

On Thursday I then went to another Clicks and I found another 2 colours. I think I managed to get 4 of the 5.


From left to right we have:

05 – Roaring red

This is a bit more of a burgundy colour to me and then it has a pearly matt finish. It’s a gorgeous colour. Perfect for winter. At first I thought it was similar to Morgan Taylor’s ‘A touch of sass’, but when I swatched the 2 together,  this is definitely a more burgundy colour.

01 – Back to black

This is also a pearly matt finish. I was quite excited about this one as I thought it was super black, but when I swatched it, it’s more of a very dark grey. It’s still a lovely colour and perhaps better being a more toned down black, so not as goth, if you’re not into that pitch black sort of look.  The pearl flecks are a bit more prominent in this one.

02 – Step into the grey zone

This is a lovely dark grey with a high gloss finish. 2 coats and you’re good to go. The gloss is nice and shiny and I think this colour hits the nail on the head for winter.

04 – Girl with a pearl

I wasn’t going to take this, but I was looking for a white polish that doesn’t look like tippex, and this is perfect. It’s definitely more white than grey, but it’s lovely with the high gloss finish like the shade 02.

All of them need 2 coats for a beautiful even finish.   Personally not a lover of the Matt look, so I add a shiny top coat as well.

I love nail art stickers and already used the pearl stickers. They are just super tiny,  so I need to figure out how to use them a bit better.

I was really excited for this collection and Essence definitely did not disappoint. For the price and quality of their nail polish, there’s truly no excuse not to have a fabulous manicure every day of the week 😉

Lastly the lip gloss is in the colour ‘That’s what Rose would do’ (02) and oh my….I really like this gloss. It smells DIVINE!  Like cauliflower ???? It’s a lovely sweet smell, but not overpowering and the formula is good. It’s not sticky and I found it lasted quite a while on my lips. After my shower my lips still felt a bit moisturised even though most of it was washed off. In truth I loved it so much, I think I tried not to wash my mouth. Lol. The colour is really really nude on my brown lips, bordering on ashy, but I don’t know, I just really like it.

The nail polishes and the lip gloss retail for R38,95 at Clicks. It is also available at Dischem, but I haven’t seen it there yet myself.

The eyeshadow palette looked great…lovely shades of pink and grey, and swatching it in store, I didn’t find the shadows to be powdery as the cheaper palettes can sometimes be. It seemed to be a decent formula for the price, but don’t hold me too that as it was a quick swatch.

Let me know if you picked anything up in the collection or if you have your eye on anything.

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