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Colourpop by any other name….

Would still be as amazing ????


I’ve had a few enquiries as to where you can get Colourpop, what is Colourpop,  etc. Seeing as today marks the launch of them offering international shipping, I thought maybe it’s a good day to chat about it.

So Colourpop has literally taken the world by storm. They do Collaborations with well known beauty vloggers (Kathleen Lights being my fave and their 2nd one also launched today). New collections and releases are sold out super fast. Vloggers are swatching for us, bloggers are writing about it…everybody wants Colourpop. What makes Colourpop so unique (to me) is the formula more than anything. The texture is unlike anything you’ve ever felt. The shadows make a dent if you press into it. You have to swipe your finger into it to lift the super soft and creamy product and apply to eyes, cheeks, where ever.  It’s best applied with the finger.  I’ve tried synthetic brushes and they just don’t lift enough product for me. The shadows are really pigmented and they have such an array of colours and finishes to choose from (in their lipsticks, blushes, etc.)

Colourpop is only available online at and not in any stores. The cool thing is they have swatches on the site to help you gauge how it would look on your skin tone. They swatch on 3 different toned people, so you’ll find yourself somewhere.

I order Colourpop via Aramex Global Shopper (before they started shipping internationally), and I think I will continue to use AGS as the direct shipping works out to about $25 to Port Elizabeth when I did a mock order. With AGS, my shipping was R175. People have been complaining about AGS though, so I’ll see what the service is like with my next order.

If you’re interested in buying some goodies, register online and you’ll receive a $5 DISCOUNT CODE off your first purchase. That’s a free eye shadow my friend☺ Colourpop is also available from 3rd party sellers on Instagram, but it can be pricey. If you factor in shipping and potential customs though, it may seem like a better option for you.

Some swatches:

From left: Lunch Money  (highlighter); Eye shadows in Kathleen Lights, Nillionaire,  Tea Party; Ultra Satin lip in Echo Park.

I took these in the sun so you could hopefully see the full effect of the shadows, but I never feel the swatches do it any justice. KathleenLights is my favourite being this coppery shimmery goodness.

Nillionaire is awesome for a night out, being this glittery bronze colour.

Tea party is a bit more subtle for everyday wear.

The highlighter needs no introduction as I’ve gushed about it before.

The lip colour to me feels slightly matte vs satin, but it’s not a deal breaker.

I hope to do another purchase really soon as I’m really in love with this brand and it’s so affordable. Everything ranges from $5 – $8.

Will you be picking up some Colourpop soon? Have you tried it yourself?

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