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I ♡ Makeup palettes {Review}

A few months ago it was my life’s mission to own a Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I have seen so many bloggers and vloggers using it, talking about the amazing chocolate scent….the colour selection, the quality…. I sooooo badly wanted one. For the most part I wanted to sniff this chocolate scented makeup…I mean…chocolate scented makeup???? COME ON!!!

My cousin resides in the UK and she offered to use her mama as a makeup mule for me. I had to jump on that offer….we all know the struggle with customs and shipping fees when ordering makeup overseas. I thought this was my dream becoming a reality and I would soon have that Too Faced palette in my hands. In reality however, I still needed to plan which of my kids I’d have to sell for that palette. 3 kids ain’t cheap and neither is makeup. Something has got to give right?

Thankfully my cousin is perhaps a bit more level headed than I am and sent me a link for these palettes by Makeup Revolution. I went online, read about 20 reviews on the brand and the Chocolate Bar palette dupe and I was sold. I chose 2 palettes and with each palette there was also a free Bronzer/Blush/Highlight face palette that came with it.


When I was informed that the palettes were here, I messaged my husband immediately and said…’I don’t care what you’re doing, where you are…you don’t come home without my makeup! Go get it!’. A pity I didn’t give him an address…he was roaming around for a while until I could get him the physical address. lol.

First up is the I ♡ Makeup Naked Chocolate palette. 


The packaging is quite sturdy and cute….hello Milky Bar??? I love that the palette comes with a nice big mirror. When you open it up, there’s this slight chocolate scent…not too chocolaty. Quite pleasant. I would have expected it to smell more fake? If that makes sense.

Now I have been on the hunt for a palette with matte brown shades for quite a while, so I was thrilled when I opened this and found 6 shades that range from very light to dark. There are 16 shades, with a variety of matte and shimmer shades.

Swatch taken from here.

My swatches were not nice at all, so I’ve borrowed this picture. Link posted below the picture…I hope it’s legal to do that. *nervous giggle*

Just look at this shade selection!! That highlighter…the very last swatch in the bottom row is EVERYTHING! I just love the colour selection and it’s the perfect palette for everyday use or for a glam night out on the town. I find the pigment of the shimmer shades are a bit better than the matte shades, but I don’t mind it as I prefer building colour versus trying to get rid of a big punch of colour.

Next up is the I ♡ Makeup I ♡ Chocolate palette. 


This has the same chocolate bar look as the first palette and is supposedly a dupe for the Too Faced palette I was lusting over. The palette packaging is quite sturdy and also looks like a chocolate bar. So cute <3  This palette has that same mild chocolate scent, though i think the first palette has a stronger scent than this one. I would have expected it to be the other way around.

Okay…swatch time….

Picture taken from

Initially I was concerned I was taking palettes that would have repetitive colours, but I definitely don’t think it’s the case. The dark palette has such a variety of colours as you can see….pink, plums, an olive green colour and then some bronzey browns as well. Can you ever have enough bronzey browns? No….  The shadows are soft, blend well and are very pigmented. I’ve compared the swatches online to the original palette and I’m really happy that this is a good dupe for the Too Faced palette…..and I didn’t even have to sell one of my kids 😉

I love this palette as much as the first one, but I use the first one more on a daily basis. These palettes at the time cost about 8 pounds and then I also got a little Iconic palette with each palette, so a really terrific buy!


This is the Iconic palette in ‘Golden Hot’ and I really really love this little palette. It’s perfect to grab and go when you need to do your makeup in a hurry or in the car.

I don’t like a bright pink blush so for me, this blush is perfect. The bronzer warms up my face nicely……and the highlighter…. *insert heart eyes*…I really really LOVE this highlighter. It’s a gold highlighter that you just can’t miss. This may be my current favourite highlighter at the moment. I know I’m a bit of a highlighter ho…..but…really….this is fabulous when you want people to notice your highlighting game <3

The website has changed since my cousin and I did the order about 2 months back and I see this is where you end up to purchase these palettes: TAMBEAUTY.COM

They now retail at £6.66 each. When we purchased them, they were about £7.99 with the free face palette. A STEAL. They do offer worldwide shipping and I don’t think the rates are too bad personally. Considering for 16 eye shadows you’re paying about R130, order with a friend and split shipping costs, it should still work out to be a bargain.

If you have an Aramex account you can purchase from They are running a 3 for 2 special at the moment.

So if you were reading you’ll notice I only reviewed one of the Iconic face palettes…..which means there’s another one lurking about, which may or may not be stashed away for a future giveaway on the blog…… *chuckles*

Do you own any of these palettes? Have you ever heard of this brand?

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


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