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My top 5 lipsticks

I was quite excited to do this post, because I know I have a problem when it comes to lipsticks….I always choose similar shades. To me they are world’s apart….I had one of these on yesterday and told my husband: ‘I’m wearing such a bright colour today.’…..hmmmm….no Simone, you weren’t. lol.

On the advice of a very persuasive MAC consultant once, I purchased the iconic ‘Ruby Woo’, because she swore I could pull it off. I got home and messaged my sister: Come and pick up a nice new red MAC lipstick after work! lol. I’m just so scared of colour it’s insane, but I am trying to push myself to try new things.

So I thought I’d pick out my top 5 lipsticks and then I’d also have an accurate view of how similar or different my top picks are.


On trial today:

MAC – Modesty (Cremesheen)

Gosh –  Antique (Matt)

LA Girl – Rendevous (Creme)

Rimmel – Soho Violet (Moisture renew)

Rimmel – Heather Shimmer (Moisture renew)

From bottom to top: MAC, GOSH, LA Girl, Rimmel (Soho), Rimmel (Heather)

Off the bat I’m going to say I really don’t time how long my lipsticks last. I wear a lipliner and after lunch I reapply my lipstick. It’s not a deal breaker to me if a lipstick lasts 6hrs or 2hrs.


This is a neutral colour lipstick, but leans towards a very light nudey pink for me. This is my favourite lipstick. MAC lipsticks smell amazing…this one I could just sniff all day. I like that this is more pink toned, because my lips are brown. True nude tones can make my lips look a bit ashy. This is a very soft and moisturising lipstick.

Available at a MAC counter. I think this shade has been discontinued 🙁 RSP – R210 (at the time of purchase)


Okay so maybe the MAC lipstick is my favourite creamy type lipstick and this GOSH one is my favourite matte lipstick. I am obsessed with this shade.  It’s a bit of a chameleon….depending on my make up it can look mauve, it can look brown, it can look pink. It’s just brilliant. This is a matte lipstick, but to me it’s really wearable and comfortable on the lips, not dry like many matte lipsticks feel.

GOSH is available at Edgars. RSP – R110 (at the time of purchase)

LA Girl

Goodness….how many times can I use the words ‘nude’ and ‘pink’ in one post? So this to me is a nudey pink (surprise!). What I love about these LA Girl lipsticks, is that it has a flat top, so I never worry I’m going to break the whole lipstick off if I apply too much pressure like the regular round/slanted tipped lipsticks. This is also a lovely creme lipstick with a nice sheen and it’s really pigmented. There’s aloe, shea butter & vitamin E in this lipstick so it’s really nice and hydrating on the lips. For the price, it’s real value for money.

LA Girl is available at Dischem. RSP – R59.95 (at the time of purchase) 

Rimmel (Soho Violet)

This without the flash looks pink, and with a flash more neutral toned, which I think is the true colour to me. This has a subtle brown tone to it and it feels great on the lips. This was my ‘bright’ colour I wore yesterday…ha ha. I am obviously insane….

Rimmel (Heather Shimmer)

At this point, I give up! I don’t know how to describe these lipsticks anymore without using the words: nude, brown, pink, mauve, neutral. I get it universe….they are all the same shade in different finishes and different degrees of colour pigment…BUT they are totally different. On paper they sound the same, but the pictures speak for themselves right?

The Rimmel lipsticks were both purchased online at some sale for a steal. Sorry I can’t remember the details, but Rimmel products are available at Clicks. 

What’s your favourite colour to wear and your favourite brand? Have you tried any of the above-mentioned colours?

PS Ladies I don’t ask these end questions just for the sake of it. I’d really love to know what you’re loving. I’m always keen to try out recommendations 🙂

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


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