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Essence lipliners {Review}


I have been on the hunt for these longlasting lipliners from Essence for quite a while. Eventually after complaining on Twitter, Dischem quickly contacted me and let me know that they actually were available in the PE stores. I rushed to Dischem and picked up 3 shades:

  • Berry on my mind (10) – A lovely deep plum shade
  • Yummy Berry (03) – A brighter, but muted red shade (I don’t do bold and bright lips)
  • Girl Next Door (08) – A nude natural shade



These lipliners are great and really affordable. It’s great not to need a sharpener every time you want to wear lipliner. They glide on easily and are really pigmented. Also they don’t feel dry on the lips if you just use it as is.

There are about 8 shades and they are priced at around R26,95. Not bad at all, as I paid over R100 for a lipliner from another brand and it’s awful on the lips. It pulls, looks dry, and and and……  I wish I’d known about Essence lipliners at the time.

The only issue I have is with the Plum shade that seems to break every time I use it. I don’t have that issue with the other shades.

Lipliners are great for:

– Increasing the staying power of your lipstick

– Provides a nice colour/base for a gloss

– Used as is all over the lip for a matte lip look

These liners do not replace the original pencil liners from Essence, so you can choose whichever you prefer 🙂 These liners are available at Dischem and retail at R26,95 each. The pencil is a bit cheaper at around R18,95.

Have you tried these lipliners out?


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