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Mini brush haul

Okay so 3 makeup brushes really isn’t a haul I know….but I swear I was so excited to get these brushes, it may as well feature as a haul. This is my space right? So if I want to call 3 brushes a haul….so it shall be.


I was browsing the Superdrug website for baby bottles for my sister and I noticed they were having a 3 for 2 promotion on their makeup, which included brushes. EEEEEKKK! I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted, so I basically added some random brushes, removed, added, until I decided on these 3. I probably should have read some reviews on the brushes first, but I just lost my freakin mind and clicked ‘add to cart’ without a second thought. So let’s see what I got…..

Revlon Contour/ Highlighting Brush (RSP £10.99 )

Revlon contour/highlighting brush

I think the reason I chose this one, was because I had no idea Revlon had a makeup brush line. I’ve never seen any in South Africa, so I was interested to see what they had to offer.

What I loved immediately about this brush is the handle with the diamond type detail (under my big ugly thumb…sorry) and the pointed tip. It’s so elegant and lightweight. The brush itself is really soft and fluffy. I think this would make a nice blush brush as the shape is not the same, but similar to the shape of my favourite Real Techniques blush brush. I’m not into contouring much, but will see what this can do 🙂

I’ve tweeted RevlonSA to find out if these brushes will be coming to SA, but so far received no response. 🙁 

Makeup Revolution Ultra Flawless Powder F301 (RSP £9.99)

Makeup Revolution Ultra Flawless powder brush

This brush literally took my breath away…. I can’t even deal with how beautiful this is. I don’t think I can use it! That rose gold handle and those ‘pure as snow white’ bristles??? <3 This brush is so soft….. *as I type this I shake my head, and say out loud: ‘I can’t deal…’ * The brush leaves me speechless…it’s tooooo pretty.

Okay…I’m calming down. I was on the hunt for a fluffy powder brush and I think this will be perfect for powder and maybe even bronzer. I had to really control myself to not use this brush until I was able to take a picture of it, though I don’t want to make the pretty white dirty, so I’m in quite a dilemma.

This still isn’t the brush that I wanted, I still want something a bit bigger, but I definitely don’t regret purchasing this.

Eco Tools Complexion Collection Mattifying Brush (RSP £8.99)

Eco Tools Mattifying brush

Last up is this brush from Eco Tools. I think what grabbed my attention is the claim that this is a ‘mattifying’ brush.

The handle is  light (despite looking heavy) and sturdy. Also that turquoise detail is really pretty. Is there something wrong with buying brushes only because they’re pretty? ha ha. This brush seems like a bit of a hybrid to me. The ends are quite fluffy and then it has the shorter dense bristles as well. I’m quite keen to see if this will indeed assist with mattifying my oily areas in Summer, but I don’t know if a brush can do that? If nothing else, it’s an extra brush….to aid me on those days when everything is dirty and I want to cry at the thought of washing them all.

So these are the 3 brushes I ordered from Superdrug. I got free delivery in the UK and then paid from the UK to SA with my Aramex Global Shopper account. I must say, people have been complaining about AGS, but they received my package on the 28th and I had it here by the 2nd. That’s good service. I’ve used them twice now, a third delivery in progress, so hopefully 3rd times a charm!

Let me know if you own any of these brushes. What are your favourite powder brushes? I think Morphe will hopefully be the next one I get my hands on, but I need to save my pennies to get a few brushes to make the shipping worth it.

PS For readers not in South Africa, yesterday was our election day, so they stain our nails with that awful black marker that literally takes forever and a day to disappear. I’m hoping it will all come off when I remove the polish.


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