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August Favourites <3

I swear I almost fall off my chair when I see the monthly favourite posts start popping up. Like how can it possibly be that another month has passed us by??? But true as Bob….here we are in September. I hoped to have this post up sooner, but I wanted to do the giveaway on the 1st so I had to move this post back a bit. Better late than never right?


So here are a few of the things I’ve been loving in August <3

NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette (RSP R398 at Clicks )

I cannot stop gushing about this palette. I think it’s so multipurpose as you can obviously use it to highlight and contour, but there’s also the banana powder that you can use to set your foundation and/or concealer. You get 2 highlight options, an etheral white highlight (Hello!!) and then a  peachy champagne coloured highlight. I use the matt light shade as an eye shadow base. I use the contour shade when I am looking for a nice matt brown crease shade. I carry this palette with me to work, because it takes up the place of at least 2 or 3 other items you don’t need, because you have this palette. I cringed when I had to pay for it as I was hoping it being a drugstore brand it would stray closer to R200 than R500, but well worth the money spent <3

Essence Happy Girls are Pretty 2 in 1 nail file (Limited edition not available anymore)

I just think this is such a cute nail file and that it comes in a little carry case so I don’t have to worry about it snagging against anything in my bag. I carry it with me all the time for those chipped nail emergencies!

Essence Longlasting Lipliner in A Girl’s Dream (06) (RSP – R28,95 at Clicks or Dischem)

I’m a nude lip girl, so I very rarely have anything but a neutral toned lip. A few times now I’ve grabbed the wrong lipliner to apply in the car, and it’s been this one. A bit too bright for my liking, BUT I’ve now come to think that it’s fate I keep grabbing it when I thought it was something else. The colour is a lovely deep mauve…not red, but not berry coloured?  I love to wear it just as is with a clear gloss over it or with the Essence All That Greys Lipgloss in the shade number 02. I think it then becomes a beautiful muted pink berry colour and I’m obsessed <3

CALA Brow/Liner brush (317) (RSP R34,95 at Dischem)

I love how tapered the end is. It gives a nice tight and thin eye liner line that you can thicken out as you get more comfortable with using a gel liner. It is really affordable and great quality.

Garnier Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing water (RSP R69,95 at Dischem)

I got this rather late in the month, but after a few uses I’m in love with this cleansing water. It has a lovely fresh scent, it almost reminds me of Hydra-Adapt/Hydra Match face ‘moisturising gel’. It removed my mascara a bit easier than the regular Micellar water and also afterwards my skin felt slightly moisturised, but without any greasy feeling, which the label does promise (non greasy feeling).


Beauty Fix Radiant Make-Up Finish Spray (RSP R299)

*sigh* The smell ladies….roses and fresh unicorn fart all over your face. I can’t even deal with how amazing this smells, and in a non irritating way. I’m a sinus and hayfever sufferer so I am weary of things that have scents to them, but this doesn’t bother my nose at all. This stuff contains Rosewater, Cucumber extract and Aloe Vera extract. It’s like a spa for your face <3 Some days my matt foundation can look a bit dry and I just generously spritz this all over my face to just soften it up and make my skin look a bit more hydrated. This bottle is almost finished and I will definitely be purchasing a new one.

So a regular reader would know….after all is said and done, we need to eat chocolate 🙂 Gals I’m going old school today….. I have been crushing so badly on Crunchie for the last month! It could be because I finally realised I could not afford my beloved Lindt Popcorn slab on a daily basis anymore….something has got to give to pay for all the makeup, or it could just be that Crunchie is a timeless chocolate…that reminds you of your childhood. The honeycomb, covered in the delicious Cadbury milk chocolate….. I hope I do not head out to Spar after typing this, because they have a special on….3 Cadbury chocolates for R18,99. Oh and in case you’re wondering where the picture is…um I ate the chocolate TWICE before getting a chance to photograph.  The struggle is real….

Ps don’t forget to enter my Spring giveaway 2 posts back????


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