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Is the Catrice Glam & Doll a dupe for Benefit’s Roller Lash?

Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara has got to be my favourite mascara in the world. You can read about my love for it in my June Favourites post.  I sadly had to dispose of it a few weeks ago as it was past it’s 6 month shelf life and it started making my eyes itch. Now my sister likes makeup, in fact she was the makeup sister between the 2 of us….and now I’m the crazy makeup obsessed one….I have no idea how that happened.

Anyways, my sister is also a major budget type gal. She is not going to spend R300, R200 or probably even R100 on a mascara. She doesn’t get why I spend Rx on mascara, lipstick, etc. when there are many good affordable options out there. I felt it was my duty to expose her to Roller Lash, albeit, one that technically needed to go into the trash can, exposure nonetheless. So I was like, just try this once and then throw it away. Needless to say….she called me and apologised for her horrible judgey ways of my love for pricey mascaras. She now also loves Roller Lash, though I’m guessing it’s going to be more like a stalker type of infatuation….from afar….

Sorry that intro was a bit of a rambling, okay, so I saw a blog post recently and there was an insinuation that the new Catrice Glam & Doll was a dupe for the Roller Lash mascara. If I could find a dupe for half or a third of the price, I needed to try it out!


I don’t know why, but I battled to photograph the wand of the Catrice mascara, so I hope these pictures will do. 

As you can see, they both have a long curved wand, but if you look closely you can see that the Catrice mascara has less space between bristles compared to the Roller Lash. The Roller lash to me feels like it’s literally hooking and coating each lash, which is what it claims to do. Roller Lash doesn’t clump at all. I can do 1 coat or 3, I have never gotten any clumping with it.

The Catrice mascara does not have that ‘hook and coat’ feeling when I’m applying it. This mascara definitely adds length, but I find the formula to be a bit thicker than the Benefit one, so I do feel a 2nd coat already starts feeling a bit thick. With the bristles being so close together, I feel like it over coats my lashes? I’m getting product on one lash from 4 bristles. On the plus side, this doesn’t flake at all.

Do I think it’s a dupe for the the Roller Lash mascara? No I don’t.

Do I think it’s a decent mascara considering the price? Yes definitely. I grab this to wear to work most days.

Do I think it gives a ‘Glam and Doll’ effect? No not really. I was expecting a bit of more of a ‘doll eye’ effect to be honest, which is not the case.

Roller lash retails for R335 on Red Square online here. You can get a mini for R165, which is a great way to test it out and the mini lasted me for quite a while.

Doll & Glam retails for R79,95 at Dischem.

Have you tried either of these mascara’s out? What is your current favourite? I’m always looking to try out new mascaras, so leave your suggestions below.

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