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Current wishlist

I don’t know why I can’t wish for a R20 pack of hair ties or a R59,95 lipstick. Why do wishlist items always have to be things that we know we’ll never get unless we rob a bank? lol. It seems so counterproductive, but moving along….

Last year the 2 things I most had my heart on was a Makeup Organiser and a Glampalm Curling Wand. I never managed to get either of them and eventually chopped my hair off as I came to realise I’d never have Kardashian like waves….but I guess, let’s not kill the dream. Maybe one day I’ll lump all my wishlist items together, decide which one I really want….and go for it!! Also…now my husband has a go to place if he ever wants to surprise me….*whistles into the air*

I had never heard of Pandora before, until I saw this post by Aisha Baker. It was love at first sight. The pictures for the brand are stunning and the jewelry is just breathtaking. I’ve honestly never in my life felt the need to own any other rings besides my wedding rings, so much so that when I sent these pictures to my husband he was very confused. He replied: But you have wedding rings? *rolls eyes* Sometimes I think he gets me, other times….*sigh*

Image taken from Pandora’s website

These rings ladies? I can’t even string a coherent sentence together when looking at this on my screen. <3 They say a picture paints a thousand words, so I don’t think there’s anything that I need to add. I also love Pandora’s concept of being able to mix, match and stack items and their charms are also absolutely stunning! They have items in different metals, gold, two tones, silver, etc. Definitely check the site out and let me know if you end up getting anything… know, so I can plan to steal it from you.

Image taken from Makeup Geek’s website

Next up is the Makeup Geek and Kathleen Lights Highlighting palette collaboration. I just love that she put this palette together with the intention of it being suitable for all skin tones. Some people have complained that it’s not right for fair skinned people, but I don’t understand that, as Kathleen is very fair and the palette is beautiful on her too. As you can see there are 3 different shades.

Shades Included in the Palette

  • Nightlight— light gold with a reflective luminous finish.
  • Starlight—rosy pink with a reflective luminous finish.
  • Sunlight—soft copper with a reflective luminous finish.

Makeup Geek does not test on animals so this palette is cruelty free <3

Next, there is a painful part of makeup, and that pain starts when you realise that you’re running out of clean brushes. Hence why I currently have about 50 brushes, if not more. I realise now why these beauty bloggers and vloggers have 1000 brushes….they hope they never run out of clean brushes. The struggle is real people.

So now the brushes are clean, where to put them so that they don’t pick up any dust or fall onto the floor? I end up throwing them all onto a small towel, lifting the towel a bit so the bristles of the brush are at a slightly lower angle than the handle to ensure no water gets trapped where the bristles join the handles. It then becomes about finding a good spot in the sun where my kids can’t get to them, and also ensuring that brushes are not overlapping and just lying in a pile. I really can’t believe these are my problems in life, but they are. lol. Enter the Sigma DRY’N SHAPE® Tower…..

Image taken from Sigma’s website

The PATENTED Dry’n Shape Tower® – Face and Eyes was specially designed to completely dry and shape your most dense face and eye brushes faster than ever before while holding up to 44 brushes at once.

-Holds up to 24 eye brushes and 20 face brushes

-Includes 3 bases and 2 connectors

-Disassembles easily for compact storage

-When combined with Dry’n Shape Tower® – Eyes can hold up to 92 brushes

All your brushes would be in one place and I also like the inclusion of the brush guards at the bottom to shape the bristles while they dry as I’ve been disappointed by some expensive brushes that go gnarly after being washed. I am not sure if this is available in South Africa though, but I’m sure somebody would be able to import it for you or you could buy it directly from the Sigma website.

Another thing I didn’t realise was a problem when I started my modest makeup collection….was STORAGE! I thought if I had 2 nice sized makeup bags, I’d be swimming with the big dogs. Apparently not. A makeup bag is no place to be storing your makeup and especially not when it appears you need 17 makeup bags. YIKES.

Image taken from Lilli Makeup Boxes Facebook page

Lilli Makeup Boxes is a newer brand available that I’ve seen pop up all over social media recently. What I love about these perspex organisers, is that there are so many sizes and variations to choose from, and as a result, there’s an organsier to suit every pocket (which is actually part of the brand’s mission)! Another thing that I like is that she offers a laybye option for us poorer folks! I’ve already told my family I’ll be doing the laybye and for my birthday in December they can settle what I owe and that’s their contribution towards my gift. Hello….a win win right??? You can check out the rest of the items available here.

I don’t want this list to be too long, so I’m going to divulge my final pick. I’ve battled the last few months to pick a foundation that matches my skin tone 100%. There’s nothing worse than spending 300 bucks on a foundation and realising you actually can’t use it. The Body Shop comes to our rescue here with their ingenious range of Shade adjusting drops in Darkening and Lightening.

Image taken from The Body Shop’s website

You wouldn’t settle for Mr. “Almost right” so why do it with your foundation? Our Shade Adjusting Drops help turn an almost there shade into the perfect one.

    If you have light to medium skin you may find your foundation looks too dark or orange. A concentration of white and pink pigments in our Lightening Drops helps neutralise yellowness while lightening. Simply add a drop to lighten light to medium shades. • For use with light to medium foundation shades • Transform an “almost right” foundation shade into the perfect one  • 1 drop = ½ a shade lighter • Works with most liquid foundationsDARKENING DROPS
    If you have dark to deep skin you may find your foundation looks too light or ashy. A concentration of black and red pigments in our Darkening Drops helps darken while keeping the natural depth. Simply add a drop to darken dark to deep foundation shades. • For use with dark to deep foundation tones • Transform an “almost right” foundation shade into the perfect one • 1 drop = ½ a shade darker • Works with most liquid foundations.

These retail for R300 each and I definitely think if you’re a makeup junkie, you should have this in your makeup bag!

What’s currently on your wishlist?

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