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Dischem Haul

I’d like to apologise for the lack of posts recently. I work at a university and as you may know, the situation is a bit volatile at the moment, and as a result I haven’t been to work for about a month now. My posts were always done at work during my lunchtime of course (in case my boss ever reads this you know), my photos taken on my desk (yes I know you never would have guessed seeing as they are so spectacular…ha ha), so as a result, I’ve just been battling to get around to doing this at home when I’m permanently surrounded by my 3 minions.

I tried to take photos one Sunday. Lighting was good, got my trusty new fake flower prop and got ready……Enter the 7yr old. Oh mom can I help you? Mom can I take some of he photos for you? Enter middle child, 4yrs old and he attempts to photobomb all my pictures. Enter 1yr old baby boy and he is just on a permanent seek and destroy mission! Needless to say, I shot some really bad pictures (like they can be worse than they are?) and just called it a day. The insanity had to end. I had so many post ideas, but for posts, you need pictures, and that’s the part I’m struggling with.

Anyways…I managed a few pictures for today’s post so let’s try to salvage this blog….pretty much like the 2016 academic year currently. *chuckles*  Too soon?

So my husband sent me with his credit card to Dischem for some baby formula the other day. Bless him. Me, Dischem and a credit card?? What did he think would happen?


I was so excited to see that the LA Girl concealers had been restocked so I grabbed 3, 1 being a yellow colour corrector and then 2 other colours (neutral and pure beige) to try out. The concealers retail at R59,95 each. The coverage and quality of this concealer is AMAZING for this price, better than some high end and pricier concealers.


I’ve been searching for an affordable drugstore primer to save my more pricey primers for special occasions. I managed to pick up the LA Girl blah blah blah face primer. Seriously are all those words necessary??? LA Girl Pro prep HD High-definition smoothing face primer?? My word…. Okay…I bought this, but I think I’m returning this. I have only read bad reviews on this primer so I may go and exchange it before I open it. This primer retails for R79,95.

I saw the pack of CALA sponges (refer first picture above) for sale on a group I’m on and I thought if all the ladies were going gaga for it, I needed to get a pack. I saw it, grabbed it and happily I went off…..Until I went back to the post and realized everybody went nuts BECAUSE SOME OF THE PACKS CONTAINED A CALA BEAUTY BLENDER! I didn’t know when I purchased it, so I just grabbed like a real flippin sheep. Needless to say there was no beauty blending sponge in my pack.  *sigh* These packs are currently on sale for R32,95.


So this weird small hairbrush/big toothbrush looking thing is a facial brush. I meant to post a picture of the packaging, but I see the nanny threw it away. That being said, the packaging was so embarrassing as the description didn’t even make grammatical sense. I have already used this once and I did find it a bit abrasive on the skin, but my skin really felt so smooth and polished after I washed it. This retails for R29,95 so really not the end of the world if I decide I don’t like it. I’ll use less pressure next time.

Makeup lovers everywhere know that once your obsession takes over, storing your makeup becomes a nightmare. I’ve dreamed (and still do dream) of owning a huge acrylic makeup storage box, but I don’t have that kind of cash at this stage. I squealed a bit with excitement when I saw these cosmetic organisers at Dischem. They aren’t huge, but as you can see, it takes a few products so I’ve managed to get all my concealers in one draw, my mascaras in another and then my single eyeshadows in the top drawer. This really neatened up my makeup area a bit so I’m happy with this purchase. This 3 drawer organizer retails for R160.

Any affordable items at Dischem you can recommend that I have to try? Do you know of a good affordable primer?

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


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