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Mini Clicks Haul!

The struggle to stay away from Clicks and Dischem is real…..especially with these 3 for 2 promos that seem to run when you have no money! Like this Clicks one ended on the 21st! I mean…come on??? Throw a girl a bone…or some cash….or free make up vouchers. Too much to ask for?

So I innocently went to Clicks the other day because I really wanted to get some Essence nail polish. I was really keen on a coral shade that I used last Summer that is now finished…literally my Ride or Die last Summer <3 Off I went and I passed the Revlon stand and thought that I really wanted to try the Gel Envy top coat and well, pick another 2 shades to go with it….score. *big grin* Let’s see what I got.


I saw these 2 Revlon colours together and I just had to have them.


Pocket Aces (130) that’s not pink, not red and not coral, but if I have to commit I’d say a bright coral? This colour just screams SUMMER!

Top Coat (010) which is a top coat…..

Full House (320) which is a blue/turquoise/aqua colour. I am just so obsessed with this shade and I know it’s going to be on my nails most of the Summer.

These Revlon nail polishes retail for R119,95.

So when I see new Essence products, I literally cannot control myself. I was broke, so knew I could not afford much (um anything, but hey did the baby really need formula?), but I wanted to just at least try one or 2 items.


Smoothing cuticle and nail care oil (RSP R37,95)

My cuticles have been so dry and awful looking, so I really wanted to try and find something to help with this problem. This oil smells so good! I apply it at night before bed (thanks Pink Peonies for that tip) and I think already coupled with hand cream at night, it’s making a difference.

Matt Matt Matt gloss in the shade 02 – Beauty Approved (RSP R49,95)

I’ve seen these glosses all over social media, so I think I’ve been brainwashed into thinking I had to try them (good one Essence PR!). Okay so I get confused with how a matt is also a gloss, but anyways…. this is very comfortable on the lips and has a mousse sort of texture.I’d describe it as a nudey pink/brown?  It doesn’t dry down to feel completely dry on the lips and it does transfer with every touch, but with Essence, for the price and colour range, I don’t really complain about their products unless it’s a total disappointment. I did need 2 applications, but I do feel it’s quite opaque with even just one swipe and I do love the applicator on the wand.


Lastly in my mini haul are these Essence the Gel nail polishes. My pictures were taken in bad lighting so apologies as I don’t feel it’s a true reflection of the actual shades.

Forgive me (13) that’s a beautiful pastel pink. (right)

Pretty cool life (83) is a very cool toned mint green colour that I think will look gorgeous with the pink shade. (middle)

Indian summer (24) is a beautiful pastel coral colour that I can’t wait to use. (left)

These Essence nail polishes retail for R29,95.

All the nail polishes I bought on the 3 for 2 promo, so I only paid for 2. Whoop! Did you manage to pick any up? Are there any other shades you feel are a must have for Summer?

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!

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