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Is anybody feeling Sili?

Somebody asked me if blogging was expensive and I said yes it is. You always want to keep up with the trends, review products and try to help your readers make informed decisions. That being said, what works for me, may not work for you and vice versa. Buying even budget brands like Essence and LA Girl tally up when you get to the cashier to pay for your goodies. So at some point I had to draw the line and be like, okay so there’s no Colourpop shipment coming in this week….no new brands, you’re broke…what now? One needs to start getting creative, recycle your makeup, expand your horizons and maybe explore different topics. If I could, I’d own every holiday edition makeup item, but I am not exactly sure where I am able to sell my kidney to make that happen.

Once in a while though, there’s a new trend or new item that takes the world by storm, that you just have to have, and you get the kidney buyers lined up to make it happen. The SiliSponge however is NOT that for me. The beauty pages and the internet is going crazy for the SiliSponge, but i just don’t see myself intrigued by it. I reckon if I feel my BeautyBlender does a good job with my foundation, why do I need one more item to clutter up my makeup space? Okay, so what is the SiliSponge?


It’s basically the equivalent of a bra insert/booster made of silicone. The SiliSponge doesn’t soak up any product, it’s easy to clean and apparently applies your foundation like a dream. Like I said, the internet is going nuts for this and as a result it’s sold out and restocked like crazy!

I just am not feeling this one…. what next? The heel of my shoe to contour? A chicken breast to highlight? If you go to YouTube you’ll find quite a few reviews on the SiliSponge already and even a comparison to the BeautyBlender, so search away if you’d like to see it in action and perhaps decide if this is something you want to try.

Will you be getting silly with the SiliSponge? Am I missing out?

PS Picture taken off the world wide web.

PSS If I have a blog post in the future titled: Wow I love my SiliSponge….throw a chicken breast at me please. ha ha 

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


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