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November favourites

November was very low key for me in terms of my makeup. We weren’t working at the office for most of November and it seemed silly to do a full face of makeup to sit and work in my pj’s on my bed. You understand right? When I did venture outdoors though, I reached for the same things every single time. So even though there’s nothing new on this list, it is genuinely my November favourites <3

The Benefit Porefessional pro balm has been mentioned on the blog before. Even on no-makeup days I would dab this on the areas I needed um….discretion (enlarged pores are so embarrassing…urg), add some mascara and gloss and off I’d go. I use this balm as a primer as well and I find it mattifies my skin and just helps with the oil control. A little goes a long way, and I just think this is great for summer and oily skin.


Next up is my Comfort Zone palette from Wet n Wild. I like that these palettes take the guess work out of life for you. I can be lazy and read off the eyeshadow: Highlighter, Eyelid, Crease, Definer. Don’t feel like I need a dark outer corner colour today? Skip the dark shade and off I go. I love the quality of the Wet n Wild eyeshadows. The pigment is great. I have a bit of fallout on the darker colours, but I know better now. DO NOT dunk and swirl your brush and then apply…you will be stuck with so much dark shadow on your cheek that you may need to redo your whole face. ha ha. I do a light tap, dust the excess off and then apply.


I have been LOVING this Volume Million Lashes Mascara (Feline) from L’Oreal. Forgive the creepy eyes insert…but I was halfway with doing my makeup and thought a pic would be nice. I literally was not even done with my eye makeup….so ignore everything in this picture, but my eyelashes. On the left (your left) is what it applies like with one coat of mascara vs the right eye that has no mascara. I meant to go in with 2 coats, which I did, and then promptly forgot to photograph. Oops.

You can see the wand has this curve in it which seems to create some flick at the end of my lashes and create this slight ‘feline‘ look to the lashes. It doesn’t clump, it seperates my lashes and adds volume. PS Wow…. I have really wrinkly eyelids. EEEEKK. 



To set my makeup, I cannot bring myself to use any of my other sprays, but this one from Beauty Fix ( now called Me & Youth). The spray is now called  ‘Quick makeup fix‘ spray. Sadly I think I am down to 2 more sprays and this is finished….kaput, so I will be repurchasing this soon. I’ve used other sprays and nothing gives me the dewy finish this one does. Also, that rosewater scent is DIVINE! I can bath in that scent <3


For my nails I’ve been OBSESSED with this Revlon Gel Envy nail polish in the colour ‘Full House‘. My husband is also a huge fan of this colour. He seems to have quite an opinion on my nail colour selection, so because he is so keen on this colour, today my nails are all blue with a glitter accent on the ring finger (not pictured here).


Lastly, whenever the holidays (ANY holiday) come up, I get excited, because it means my favourite marshmallow pies from Woolworths are back in season!! I literally had to save this one after eating my way through 4 strips I bought with the intention of photographing. You can see this poor guy has been through the ringer with its creased packaging….so you’ll be happy to know I put it out of its misery 5.4 milliseconds after taking this picture. *covers eyes*

What were you loving in November?

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