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{Unboxing} Boxycharm

I’ve been watching Kathleen Lights do her ‘boxxxy ssshhhharm unboxing’ every month and had major envy at the fact that the US gals can get makeup and goodies valued at over $100 for a mere $21.

On a whim one day I went onto the site. I saw that they will send a box to a mail forwarding address (like Aramex), so I just signed up.

What is Boxycharm? It’s a monthly makeup and beauty subscription box that costs $21 and offers 5 full sized products to try out. The value of the box seems to range from $80 to $140. That’s insane value for money! In addition to the goodies in the box, you also earn CHARMS for being subscribed and for referring friends, which you can use to purchase beauty products on the site.ย Feel free to use my referral code if you want to sign up ๐Ÿ˜‰

I signed up on 3rd February and expected the money to be deducted immediately, when an email came through saying I was on a waitlist. How long I’d be on….I didn’t know ๐Ÿ™ I went onto their social media pages, and many people were in the desperate position I was in, on the dreaded waitlist. I checked daily, logged in, emailed, chatted on social media….like a real crazy stalker person….when EUREKA….3 weeks later on the 27th, the transaction went off my account which meant I was off the waitlist, still in time to qualify for a February box.

On the 7th March my box was shipped. By the 9th it was with Aramex and it was delivered to my door on the 15th. Excellent service from Aramex which I’m happy about as there have been a few complaints lately about the service, but I really could not ask for better service! What was in my box?????????????????????????? Gals…the excitement is real!

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-16 at 9.33.09 AM.jpeg

So inside my box I got:


Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion (Age defying exfoliator) (RSP $80)


ZPalette (small – RSP $14)


MakeUp Geek Eyeshadows in Cherry Cola and Prom Night (RSP $6 each)

Omnia eye brushes (RSP $26)


Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss (RSP $15)

That is $141, which is around R1800 worth of products! That’s insane!!

If you sign up now I’m pretty sure there’s a waitlist, but gals…the wait is worth it in my opinion. I paid R125 in shipping fees and no customs. So in total this box cost me around R400. Bargain Beauty for high quality products. I’ve always wanted to try Makeup Geek eyeshadows and also have always wanted my very own Z-Palette. I’m one really happy gal <3

What do you think of the box? Would you sign up?

PS If you are wanting you very own Aramex account, I have discount code for free registration. Use code 100AGS081 and you’re on your way to happy international shopping <3 In the words of Maui….You’re welcome ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 



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19 thoughts on “{Unboxing} Boxycharm”

    1. The cherry cola is so amazingly pigmented! I can’t wait to use them properly. Let me know which shades you’d recommend so I can note for a future shopping spree????????

      Only a pleasure. ????

    1. Hi Monique. So Aramex will give you about 18 international ‘addresses’, being their actual HQ in each city. So you’ll get an address in New York, that you will use as your Boxycharm shipping address when you sign up.

      Boxycharm will ship to Aramex and Aramex in turn will ship to you in South Africa. Shipping works out to R195 or around R120 if you pay with an FNB card.

      Feel free to drop me an email if you need any other assistance or DM me on FB or instagram ๐Ÿ™‚

      Boxycharm referral link: https://boxycharm.com/refer/Simon-QYQAMDAR

      Free Aramex sign up code at the end of blog post. Hope this helps.

  1. Just signed up, this month’s box looks AMAZING! Also the waitlist is off for a limited time ???? I wanted to know with Aramex, do you pay upon delivery or before hand? And if beforehand how does it work? PS – your post and referral codes helped a lot xx

    1. Lisa you’re going to love it! I believe Boxycharm is collaborating with Colourpop AND Cover FX later this year. I’m excited about that.

      With Aramex you will be updated as to when you can make payment, usually once it’s en route from New York.

      Awesome. I’ll check if I got the referral charms, if not please let me know which email address you signed up with so I can ask them to link it.

  2. Hi Simone, thank you for the assistance on getting registered with Aramex Global, I used your link above and got the $45 discount. I also subscribed to Boxycharm with your referral link above. Now I wait in anticipation for my parcel. YAY, thank you

  3. Hi Simone!

    I literally just registered with Aramex after reading this post…
    I’m just abit confused with the BoxyCharm registration…
    So do i sign up for the montly $21 option and enter the new york address aramex gives me?
    When does boxycharm take the money?

    1. Boxycharm will take the money once you’re off the wait list. I just read today they’ve had to implement a wait list again.

      100% yes, enter the NY address as Boxycharm shipping address.

  4. I am so excited after reading this post, I am however bit confused, tried subscribing but then for country there is no option for SA< Do I choose any other country or USA as mentioned in your previous comment?

    1. Hi Farah

      You have to sign up with Aramex first. They will then provide you with a ‘US’ address to use when you sign up with boxycharm. Boxycharm will ship to Aramex in New York and Aramex will ship to you in South Africa.

      There is a free Aramex join up code in an earlier blog post. If you’re with FNB though they also provide you with free sign up code to Aramex PLUS discounted shipping rate.

      Shout if you have any other questions.

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