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SnapnSave – The best money saving app around!

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but life is getting pretty darn expensive on the home front and I have 3 kids that literally eat me out of house and home, so I’m always trying to save a buck. I love the ideas of coupons and vouchers, but I honestly always forget to use them. I found a fabulous site last year where they gave some pretty good discounts, where they’d send the discount as a code to your cellphone. When you make the purchase, you give the cashier the pin and you get the discount on the product/products. Fantastic right? No….because I only remember I have a code when I’m at home, 7hrs after I’ve made the purchase.

So a few weeks ago a friend was blabbing on and on about this cool ‘snap and save‘ app she uses. I tried to ignore her,  because it sounded like too much effort. #MomLife with 3 kids and a travelling husband…I ain’t got no time for effort. Eventually she convinced me to download the app…called SnapnSave. I started playing around with it and I then realised SnapnSave was absolutely PERFECT for me! I kicked myself for not having gotten this app ages ago when she first recommended it to me.

So what is SnapnSave?

It’s a shopping app that allows you to shop and collect your discount after you’ve done your shopping. Kind of. Let me explain the process.


You download the app and register with your cellphone number.


There are always offers for you to ‘book’.  New offers are usually loaded on a Friday at 12pm where we all anxiously sit and refresh the page and book what we can. #FastestFingers

Offers include fresh produce, canned goods, pet food, baby goods, deodorants, hair products, CHOCOLATE, etc.

As you see in the screenshot above, you scroll through and you click ‘book’ on whatever you want or whatever is available. If the offer is fully booked, click on ‘notify me’ and the app will book the offer for you automatically if more ‘vouchers’ become available.


So now you’ve booked your offers, you have 48hrs to make the purchase. You go to the store, grab some groceries and when you get home, you go…’hey I had a bunch of booked offers’.

You go into the app and click on the ‘snap’ icon in the centre at the bottom of the screen (see image above) and the app will ask you where the slip is from and which offers the app needs to look for on the slip. You just click on the items as they appear on your ‘booked offers’ list.  Also, in case you hadn’t booked an offer previously, but you’ve bought an item with an offer linked to it, you can select it from the list. You then snap the slip and make sure everything is clear, as displayed below.


That folks is it. The slip goes into a ‘pending’ state until it’s been verified. This usually takes up to 4 working days. Once it’s been verified, your ‘cashback’ goes into a virtual wallet. Once you’ve accumulated more than R10, you can opt to have your credits sent to you in the form of a WiCode to use at selected retailers OR you can have the cash transferred into your bank account. EFT payments are usually done on a Friday, but I do know they are working on having the EFT’s done faster and more frequent.

I got over R100 back in cash last month and I opted to have the funds transferred. I ain’t got no time for codes….lol…but this honestly is so easy.

Just shop and before you toss the slip, snap…and save! (Okay don’t actually throw the slip away in case you need to resend it. because you took a bad #SlipSelfie ) I have however never had a comeback or error on any of my slips.

What I love

  • No reward card to carry with you
  • No need to remember any codes
  • You get cashback on items that are on promotion as well (i.e. The bread is on special at Spar for R10,99 and you book a bread offer of R1,25. Essentially you’re paying R9,74 for a loaf of bread. I got a snicker for FREE last month. Oh yes…this is my kind of app gals <3 )

Referral code

If you register using my referral code, we both get R10 free cash automatically once you’ve completed your first snap. You then also get your own referral code that you can pass on to friends and family.

I did have the option to set up a SnapnSave code for the blog, but seeing as this is a post I planned to do of my own accord, because I’m so excited about this app, I have just used my regular referral code. If you don’t click on the link, feel free to enter promo code: Simonec608 and that will get you your R10 join up starter cash 😉 If you don’t want the free 10 bucks, feel free to ignore my code completely 🙂 

So guys and gals…have you heard of SnapnSave before? Do you think you’ll sign up? Do you know of any other money saving apps or websites you’d recommend?


I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


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