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#Glowgasmpalette {Review}


This post is so long overdue! I treated myself to the Glowgasm palette on Valentine’s day this year from Swiitch Beauty. I had seen this palette literally all over my social media pages, and eventually the FOMO and brainwashing kicks in and you just have to have it! So I got it 😉


The palette consists of 6 highlighters, 1 of them being a cream highlighter (top row, middle shade) and the other 5 being powders.

The packaging is a hard plastic cover and it’s a really slim palette, albeit large in size. When you open the palette you’re struck by how generous these pans are considering the price. At full RSP of R450, that’s R75 per pan, which is insane.

All the shades are extremely pigmented and so soft and creamy <3

The top row consists of:

A beautiful rose gold shade that I think is stunning on the eyelid.

A creamy, very yellow toned highlighter.

A champagne shaded highlighter.

The bottom row consists of:

A light gold highlight.

A very subtle gold, with pink undertones.

A true gold highlighter.

Like I said, these are extremely pigmented and long wearing. Also they blend really well and have no glitter flecks in them. I can easily wear this for 8hrs plus and my highlight will still be in place.

I initially thought that the bottom middle shade was a dupe for the Ofra highlight in Rodeo Drive, but there are slight differences. However, if you owned this palette, I definitely don’t think you need to have FOMO about missing out on other high end highlighters that you possibly can’t afford, because there are a variety of shades in here to suit all skin tones and the quality of these highlighters are amazing. For real!

This was definitely a good buy and I got it on sale, so mine worked out to even less than R75 per pan.

With regards to the customer service from Swiitch Beauty, there were no hiccups or delays and if I messaged with a query, the response was usually quite prompt. Also Swiitch Beauty claims that all their products are cruelty free.

Have you purchased this palette or anything else from Swiitch Beauty? I’m eyeing that #SlayForDays palette, so I’ll let you know if I decide to pick it up.

PS I do know there are sometimes bloggers with discount codes for Swiitch Beauty products, and I have asked them if they’d be prepared to send me a list of active codes to link for you guys, but after 2 weeks, I’ve received no response. So if you’re keen on buying anything, just scout around for a possible code. I know Kandy Kane used to have a code? If you know of one, let me know and I can update this post

So thanks to the lovely Sahaar from EverythingSah, I’ve found a 5% off discount code for you: everythingsah (thanks Amber 😉 )

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