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#MorpheMe April & May brushes

In April I posted all about my #MorpheMe brush subscription. I’ve now received my 3rd and 4th set of brushes, so I thought I’d ‘unbox’ for you gals and you could see the variety and options available, being able to compare 4 months worth of brushes.

Most of these brushes have become my go too. There really is a difference in your makeup game when you’re using good brushes. My husband was quite shocked the other day when he heard I had received ANOTHER brush delivery. He was like: ‘how many brushes can you possibly need?’ *rolls eyes at husband*  I thought he got me…apparently not….but moving on….

I traded my April brushes for the March 2016 brushes. They consisted of:


M527 Deluxe Pointed Powder

Natural brush with the perfect density to apply powder products with wonderful coverage. (Retail $15.99)

M501 Pro Pointed Blender

Natural brush blends makeup into the corners of the face, providing a perfect complexion. (Retail $7.99)

M438 Pointed Contour

Natural brush with a tapered tip for a precise contour application. (Retail $9.99)

A total RSP of $33,97 vs a total spend of $29.

For May, again I traded my brushes, this time for the September 2016 brushes.

R37 Pointed Blender

This pointed, natural hair, fluffy brush will give you a precise color application and blend with ease. (Retail $5.99)

R38 Round Blender

This tapered, natural hair, fluffy brush is perfect for getting a diffused crease color or blending shadows together. (Retail $5.99)

R5 Pro Pointed Contour

This fluffy tapered natural hair brush will give you a sharp precise contour. Also great for under-eye baking or highlight! (Retail $13.99)

R41 Pencil Crease

These short round natural bristles are perfect for applying an intense crease color and blending with windshield-wiper motions. (Retail $4.99)


A total RSP of $30.96 vs a total spend of around $29.

I can’t stop raving about this subscription enough. I just think the fact that you get more than you spend for really amazing brushes is awesome. Also if you had to try and purchase these brushes in South Africa from a 3rd party re-seller, you’d easily pay R100 to R350 per brush. I was really keen on picking up the MAC 217 as it’s a smaller version of the M521 (that I’m obsessed with), but when I saw the price tag of over R300 for the brush, I backed away very slowly…lol.

So a round up:

  • I love these brushes!
  • I traded both, April and May for brushes I preferred over what was on offer.
  • I plan to pause next month, because the struggle to accommodate all my brushes is real at this point….but I’m first going to see what’s on offer before I decide when I’ll be pausing.. 😉
  • There’s the ‘refer a friend‘ bonus, where we both score a free brush if you sign up with my link 😉 #UseItDontUseIt #PleaseUseIt 
  • You earn points for every month that you’re subscribed, and you redeem the points for all sorts of awesome makeup goodies once you’ve accumulated enough.
  • I used Aramex for these 2 months and I received my brushes by the 7th and 8th of the month respectively, so it’s been super speedy deliveries <3

If you want a full play by play on how the subscription works, check out my original post here.

Have any of you signed up yet? Would you sign up? Let me know which brushes/brands are your go too brushes in the comments below.

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I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


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