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My top concealing mistakes

I don’t think there’s anything worse than spending an hour plus on your makeup, and looking in the mirror to see you’re so creased under your eyes! It’s my pet peeve, especially considering that I seem to think that I don’t have a bad creasing issue naturally (yet) under my eyes. Urgh…..  It’s been trial and error, but these are the top 3 mistakes I have been making!


1. Using a mattifying product before I conceal 

I’ve been making the mistake of either applying a mattifying day cream or a mattifying foundation to my under eye area BEFORE I apply my concealer. What does a mattifying product do? It mattifies and reduces shine which to me implies that it dries down the area you’re applying the product to. I’m all for mattifying my oily forehead, but my under eye area is already dry, so applying the wrong products have just been emphasising lines and dryness.

2. Not colour correcting before I conceal 

Another thing I’ve been doing when in a hurry is to not colour correct my dark circles. So I apply my concealer to blue under eyes and I end up looking ashy and scary! I love the shade ‘Ivory’ in my Measurable Differences palette as it’s a subtle peach shade, so I usually use that to colour correct. Always remember, less is more. Don’t pack the product on. 20170430_095230-01

3. Not buffing out the powder 

I find for me personally, a pressed powder works better than a loose powder under my eyes. I think I always thought more powder would lock it all in and I didn’t make a real effort with getting rid of all excess powder. #RookieMistake

So what are my recommendations for a smoother under eye concealing routine? 

  1. A hydrating, non greasy eye cream. (I use the Clinique pep-start eye cream)
  2. A non mattifying primer that will hopefully also smooth out any lines. (I use the Benefit Porefessional or the Elizabeth Arden Perfectly Flawless primer)
  3. Colour correct. Dab with your ring finger or damp beauty sponge. (I use the Measurable differences palette or LA Girl Pro HD concealers)64d9b111f52c408e8129d90607be93b1
  4. Conceal. Less is more. (I use the Maybelline Age rewind concealer or LA Girl Pro HD concealer)
  5. Apply powder. As little as possible, with a damp beauty sponge or a tapered brush. (I use the Smashbox photo set pressed powder or Yardley translucent loose powder)
  6.  Brush excess powder away.
  7. After setting spray, dab with damp sponge again.
  8. Lastly, for the first hour after doing my makeup, I randomly dab my under eye area with my ring finger and I find that this just keeps creasing away.

What are your top under eye concealing tips?

Disclaimer: I am not a makeup artist. This is just what works for me. 




I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


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