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New products I’ve bought

I need something catchy to title these ‘new products I’ve bought’ posts. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment down below 😉

I’ve tried to cut down on purchases, because I’m so restrained and I know my limits when it comes to my makeup spending  broke! I have my box subscriptions so when that comes I console myself with the fact that I am getting some new merch once a month. I’ve tried to grab a few new items that are more budget friendly so I can at least keep things moving here on the blog. So I have for you my latest purchase….

Image result for pencil sharpener

This is such a multi purpose product. I can sharpen my eyeliners and lipliners with this, and my daughter can also borrow it to sharpen her pencils when she does her homework. Score right? Ha ha…just kidding gals… 


I’m sure you’ve seen the new L’oreal Pure Clay face washes all over social media like I have? As you all know, I am brainwashed very easily, and I had to pick this up when I popped in at Clicks recently. I picked up the Detox wash, even though I own the Glow mask, I just figured I have enough exfoliating washes and also I don’t need anymore mattifying face washes with my skin being a bit drier now as winter settles in.

This is a black/dark grey coloured face wash, a bit of a hybrid between a gel and a cream cleanser (in my opinion). It foams white though, so I was disappointed when I peeked through to see that I had no material to scare the kids with. lol. It foams really nicely and doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped or tight. This retails for R99,99 at Clicks.


The Avon True Colour mascara is not really a ‘new’ item. I had purchased it many moons ago and then assumed I had thrown it in the trash without ever using it. One day recently my sister mentions how she loves that Avon mascara I ‘gave’ her a few months back. I was like: ‘Girl I have never given you an Avon mascara!’. She felt so bad (we have no idea how it happened, besides me trying to ignore the signs that I may have a kleptomaniac in my family) that she ordered the same mascara, but the waterproof version for me to try out.

I’m really excited to try this out as I used the regular recently returned one and I think it’s a lovely mascara. The wand has a hourglass shape to it, which I’m not mad about, but the formula of the mascara is so good (and for the price), that I don’t mind the wand. This doesn’t get clumpy on my lashes and I feel it lengthens and adds volume to my lashes, which is what this gal lives for. It’s great for everyday wear to work. Avon usually has specials on and I think my sister purchased the waterproof one for around R69,95, but I think it now retails for R148.

Ever since I saw how many packs of wipes Kathleen Lights features in her ’empties’ videos, I have been wanting to get onto that train. If I find affordable wipes, I pop them into my bag to test. I like that these ones from Woolworths are oil-free, they apparently target spots and they’re made from 100% natural bamboo. I have not used them yet, so I’ll report back as to how good they are with removing makeup. These retail for R45,00.


This is a ‘new’ in my bag and an ’empties’ at the same time. *insert sob* This I bought brand new a few weeks back, and before I could even take a picture….YOU KNOW WHO got his grubby hands on this and emptied out most of the bottle. As if that wasn’t enough, he got his hands on it a SECOND time and made sure he finished the job. *le sigh*. I’ve recently become a fan of The Body Shop’s skincare products, so when Nisa from Belle Blushh told me to get the Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum…I got it! Yes..it doesn’t take much…lol. This serum is so lightweight and really just melts into your skin. It’s not oily at all, almost a water-like texture. I unfortunately did not use this for long enough to know if it would make a difference in my skin. I’ll pick up another bottle when it’s on sale 🙁 This retails for around R275 if I’m not mistaken.


Back on the wipes train, I saw these at Clicks and I thought I’d try them out. I have an OCD issue when it comes to clean hands, and I don’t love the idea of smearing hand cleanser all over my hands, because I wonder, where the heck do the germs go?? I like the idea of having these Hula Wipes from Oh So Heavenly to clean my hands when I can’t get to a tap and hand wash. They smell very fruity and also it has a strong floral scent. It reminds me of something, but I can’t place my finger on it. These retailed for around R22,00 I think.


Last, but not least, I picked up these Essence Manicure Stencil stickers. These are pre cut out sort of stencils to create difference nail art looks. Before I got into makeup, nail art was MY JAM! So I love these for the convenience and easiness in creating different nail art designs. These retail for R18,95 and I picked it up at Dischem.

Sadly, no big purchases, but I think the struggle is real when it comes to the makeup budget these days. With the kids, something ALWAYS comes up…like breakfast, or supper. Can’t mama just get a new eyeshadow palette? Why you always gotta need food? *rolls eyes* lol. I’m hoping to do a nice UK haul thanks to my makeup mule travelling to SA soon…..so I’m quite excited about that.

What have you tried lately that you’ve been loving? I’d love to get some more Essence products in my collection, so if you have any must have recommendations, please leave a comment below.

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


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