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Glamming it up with Glamore SA {Part 1}

About a week ago I ended up on the Glamore SA website. I wanted to try out their Hean High Definition Makeup Fixer spray, because I was all out of my regular fixing/setting spray and I wanted to try something new.

On the page I saw that they had a cool combo where I could get the HD Makeup Fixer Spray, the HD camouflage eye concealer wheel and the Perfect Makeup Base oil free primer (you had different options though for primer and concealer). This combo was R540 and they offer a R100 sign up voucher AND on the day was free delivery. I couldn’t NOT order…the stars aligned for this purchase, so I had to listen to the universe. lol

So what are these products and what did I think of them? Keep reading 😉

Hean Perfect Makeup Base Oil Free Primer – 25ml (RSP R300)

  • Lightweight and colourless smooths the skin
  • Oil free
  • Absorbs excess sebum so that the makeup stays on longer without drying out the skin
  • Allows the skin to breathe has a matte finish gently smooths out wrinkles

This is a colourless silicone gel  type of primer. It’s not as lightweight as say the Benefit Porefessional, and not as gel like as the Smashbox oil free primer. To me it’s quite a hybrid between the 2. There is a very mild scent that I only picked up because I was testing it on my hand for this post. It smells like a baby product to me, a very subtle and pleasant scent. When applying to my face I don’t recall smelling anything though.

A little goes a long way with this primer. You literally need just a dot and it spreads to cover a lot of surface area as you rub it into the skin. My skin honestly felt amazingly smooth and soft. I actually looked at myself thinking that I’d wear this as is on a no makeup day as well. It seemed to make my patchy red cheeks appear less red and evened out my skin tone a bit, even though this is not one of the claims. I was really happy with this primer and would gladly recommend it.

HD Camouflage Eye Mix colour corrector wheel (RSP R175)

  • Nude = lightens, brightens and highlights
  • Pink = conceals dark circles under the eyes
  • Purple = conceals discoloration/ neutralises yellow undertones

I have only ever used yellow and peach colour correctors under my eyes, so I was keen to see what I’d be doing with purple and pink toned concealers. Initially this felt thick and paste-y, so I was apprehensive about how it would blend out, but once on the skin, the warmth of your finger when you’re applying seems to thin the product out and it actually blends like a dream. I didn’t apply too much due to being concerned about the texture, so I got medium coverage with the amount of product I did apply. I’ll test it out a bit more and report back in a later post.

I’m not sure who the hero is here, the concealer or the primer, but I didn’t experience much/any creasing under my eyes.

HD Makeup Fixer Spray – 150mls (RSP R300) 

‘A professional product for make-up fixing. This colourless fixing facial mist spray provides lightweight, invisible, protective film, which makes the make-up last longer and protects it from smearing. ‘

Okay, I was really taken aback by the fact that this was an aerosol spray and not a misty ‘wet’ product. I found myself feeling so dumb as I was spraying it on to my face, but after using it a few times, I got the hang of it.  I used this in 29 degree heat one Saturday, racing from one hockey match to the other that my eldest was playing in, so gals I really tested these products out. My makeup stayed in place all day, from about 8am to around 6pm when I washed my face. I also did not experience any oiliness or shiny bits.

The only apprehension I had with this is that usually a ‘wet’ spray I feel melts my makeup into my skin, or makes it appear more blended. I missed that ‘wet’ magic feeling of a conventional mist, but I did feel that my makeup looked flawless irrespective. The second time I wore it, I sprayed the Smashbox primer water onto my skin and then I ended with the Hean spray. I think I had the same results as the 29 degree weather day.

I am told this was a limited special though, so the combo isn’t available anymore. Also I had to use pictures off the Glamore website, because THE TODDLER got hold of my concealer wheel and my primer. Gals…I literally can’t deal with the losses anymore 🙁 The concealer is a bit of a mess so if you do notice it in my pictures, please just pretend you didn’t see it. lol.

This post has gotten a bit too long, so I’m going to do a part 2 post to show you the other goodies that I received and also let you know what the service was like from Glamore <3

Let me know if you’ve ever purchased from Glamore Cosmetics before. Also what’s your holy grail primer, concealer and setting spray at the moment?

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


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