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Makeup organisation – How I dealt with my clutter

This post was supposed to have been done about 6 months ago, but you all know how it goes here (#Procrastination) and I live by the mantra: Better late than never. I’ve had makeup organisers on my wishlist for well over a year now. Unfortunately, they have always been out of my price range, so I tried everything else, egg holders, biscuit tins, cups, plastic trays, but nothing kept the order I was looking for. Eventually in December I decided I owed myself a birthday treat and took the plunge! Even my husband spurred me on, because he could see the struggle I was facing daily.

I checked every single retailer for prices and promotions and eventually stumbled upon Lillimakeup Boxes. Esme is the owner of this little business and I found her prices to be super competitive. I enquired about pricing and she gave me a great deal on the 5 drawer organiser (The Begonia), along with a brush holder and she even threw in a little freebie for me, a lipstick holder.

These organizers are made from perspex and you can immediately feel that they are sturdy and durable. I’ve never had any issues with my drawers, as they move freely when I access them. I add this because I’ve bought the small cheaper ones at regular stores and sometimes the drawers get stuck.

The service from Esme was great, I mean…look at the beautiful ribbons around them?? I swear I didn’t remove it for a month.  These are made to order so there may be a bit of a waiting time, but I promise you, it’s well worth the wait!

Next, let me say that I do not have a ‘beauty room’ like all the cool gals….the You Tubers and some of our local blogger gals. I look at videos and pictures of their rooms and I can honestly only ever dream. Even if I did toy with the idea of selling one of the kids, if we freed up a room, hubby would want it for his office or a family member would probably try and move in…true story.

My ‘makeup area’ is basically the top of my son’s compactum…I don’t ever know where to find bum cream anymore, but mama needed space for her makeup! This compactum is also below the TV and the pit stop for discarding your crap on your way to the bathroom. My husband will put coins there, slips, courier labels….gals….the struggle is real. One Saturday, the vision just became too much to bear and I decided to sort it out as I usually do on a monthly basis I’d say. I also found it therapeutic for me, in dealing with the fire situation that was too close to home on that specific day, that you can read about in my friend’s post over here.



Do you see how horrific this is? Addison randomly found that MTN sim card in her cupboard last week and guess where she decided to store it? Oh I see some bum cream….. and very dirty sponges. Okay, so I decided to tackle this mess and voila 😉


It’s still very much a work in progress. I do hope to acquire another 5 drawer or perhaps a 7 drawer organiser in future and then I think I could definitely make much better use of this space. Do you see how much space is saved when you use a makeup organiser though?

Another problem is that when you can’t see your makeup, you can’t use your makeup, so makeup organisers alleviate that problem and you find yourself reaching for items you may have forgotten about.

I honestly thought that makeup organisers were really just show off-y things for beauty bloggers to own and make us peasant gals feel like we don’t even love our makeup. I seriously take that back. It adds so much order to what can be a pretty chaotic space. Makeup organisers may seem like something meant for people who don’t know what to do with all their excess cash, but I promise, if you’re a makeup loving gal…you need these in your life!

They are not just for makeup either. If I had money to buy a few of these I would. It would work well for my toiletries, hair ties and pins, skin care products, etc.

PS I had no idea those pics I took when i received the organisers would be the only ones I managed to take…so apologies for the sloppy pics in today’s post 🙁 

What are your top tips when it comes to storing your makeup? Do you have any advice on how I can improve my situation?

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


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