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I know…it’s beautiful right?? EEEEEKKKK!!! I think I may just be staring at the screen of my new blog layout all day today! My boss would really appreciate that I’m sure.

Okay….let me backtrack…… I started this blog a year ago in June and I honestly didn’t think I’d be blogging for this long. I started it as a hobby, because I needed somewhere to talk about my obsession with makeup. I told myself, I’m not a makeup artist and I’d never be able to give tips, advice and I’d never know what lactic acid or salicylic acid was! Any blogger will tell you…blogging is actually really HARD work.

During the last 4 months I’ve really tried to find myself on the blog and I’ve been trying to think further than reviews and unboxings. I’ve also started blogging about my kids, because they are my first love and passion (after my husband) of course<3  I realised I needed to work on my pictures, my growth,  my content and my look.

I needed to find a logo that would make me identifiable to my readers…all 6 of you! ha ha By chance I had a conversation with Nisa from Belle Blushh and she said, ‘get into contact with Lizna from With Elizabeth, she may be able to help you’.

Lizna was fabulous and got to work immediately. She actually looked at my blog format and content and with that as a start, she sent me some options. This was probably not even a week ago, and this morning, here we are. I went to sleep last night with my eyesore looking blog, and I woke up to this….a shiny, fresh and beautifully revamped blog <3 I literally almost cried when I saw it, but you know…my makeup….. So I just let the tears well up in my eyes, tilted my head back and let them dry there. lol. The dedication to the makeup is real 😉

Blog Logo Header-01

Lizna literally set this whole thing up during the night and messaged me when it was ready. I think she knew that if she said: here’s your logo….I’d never ever be able to put together what she did. I don’t have the words to express how grateful I am for what you’ve done Lizna and even what you will still do to help me with the blog! I have been so blessed to have met really AMAZING blogger friends that are just so supportive and helpful….when really, blogging can be pretty cutthroat.

So gals, let me know what you think in the comments below! I’m so excited to hit the 1 year mark officially on the 13th, and to have ‘rebranded’ this month is just perfect. I am hoping to do a giveaway soon, but I’m really torn as to what sort of goodies you would like, so after telling me how fabulous the new look is, also leave some suggestions on what you gals would like to see as a prize/prizes 😉

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


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