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It’s easy to be BEAUTIFUL with The Beautiful Store

A few weeks back I stumbled upon The Beautiful store via The Blessed Barrenness. I signed up and I was quite excited, because they had a wide variety of products that I wanted to try out. The only problem was #BrokeLife, so I anxiously waited for pay-day to come around so I could place my first order. So what did I get?

Facial Hydrating Oil by Skin Creamery (RSP R295)

Mother Nature’s own omega elixir, made using a blend of certified organic baobab, jojoba and Kalahari melon seed oils for dewy, radiant skin. The oil molecules break down when mixed with a small amount of water. This helps to break down oil molecules; making it so smooth it simply melts into the skin. Each oil has been specially selected for its ability to penetrate the skin and nourish from within.

Initially I had no intention of reading ‘how to’ apply this oil. It’s a facial oil, surely I don’t need a degree in finding out how to put it on?? As fate would have it, I did end up sitting and reading the box and I saw that it said to mix with 2 drops of water. I did it the first night, but not the second night. I figured I knew better….needless to say, the people who make this stuff, know why they’re advising you! Mixed with the water, I felt it broke down that oil and really made the product melt into your skin, vs when I didn’t add water. I could just feel the oil didn’t seep into my skin as well as when mixed with the water.

What did I think about this product? I am obsessed with it. The scent is not overpowering at all which is great for me and the current hay fever siege I am under. Usually heavily scented products just wreak havoc on my allergies if I apply them at night. The oil (when mixed with water) honestly just melts into your skin and brings this real feel of moisture and hydration, but without an oily residue. Usually with a facial oil I feel the need to wash my hands afterwards, but I don’t have that with this one. I’ve seen beauty bloggers rave about this oil for ages now, and I am definitely jumping onto that bandwagon with them.

Face Mist by Essential Collection (RSP R75)

The Essential Collection face mist is an alcohol free face toner which hydrates the skin as well as balances the pH. It is scented with the lovely orange blossom essential oil.

If you read my last FriYAY favourite post, you’ll see that toner is essential for reducing the appearance of your pores. I have literally not toned my skin for about 2 or 3 years now. In my head, it offered nothing to my skin care routine. After seeing Jackie’s video I changed my mind. Now I don’t hate toner, but what I do hate is: needing to find cotton rounds, to turn a bottle upside down and then dab the stuff all over my face. I know that seems silly, but #momlife…I just don’t have that kind of time. This is the solution for me! I get out of the shower and I spray immediately. Done.  I’m ready for my moisturiser/serum/face cream.

I’m not going to lie, but this has a really BAM scent when you spray it, but it settles very quickly and I don’t smell anything after its dried down. It is synthetic fragrance free, so the scent does not seem to irritate my nose at all.

Conclusion? I love both these products and they’re also both cruelty free. Do you see the price point of the 2 items? I love being able to buy a mid priced item AND a budget item. To shop on a website that only has skin care products priced at R300 plus really puts me off. I love that this site caters for all pockets, ages and skin types!

Points worth mentioning:

  • Customer service was superb and such a personal experience. I didn’t feel like an order number.
  • Delivery was free and fast. This girl HATES delivery fees, so I appreciate what a huge cost this is to take on as a seller.
  • There is a Loyalty rewards programme that will keep me coming back! Just signing up for an account gets you 50 Beauty rewards which equals a R50 discount voucher (which I used for the above purchase). You earn points for making purchases, sharing on social media, YOUR BIRTHDAY, etc. I’ve already earned another R50 off 😉
  • They offer products for all budgets and ages (I’ve seen a range for teens as well).

What do you gals think? Will you be signing up? Have you tried any of these products?

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


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