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FriYAY Favourite – Easy eye makeup tutorial

Today’s Friyay favourite is homegrown, you know…because local is lekker???? If you’ve been following me since the beginning, you would notice that I’ve mentioned Luzanne A LOT. Luzanne from Pink Peonies Blog needs no introduction if you’re familiar with South African bloggers. Heck even my husband knows who ‘Luzanne’ is. lol. 

Pink Peonies Blog is the reason I had the confidence to start dabbling in makeup and essentially the reason I started blogging. Not only is Luzanne knowledgeable in makeup, but also in skin care and all her blog posts are very informative and thorough. Her photography is also something I think a lot of us bloggers aspire to. Then, one very important thing (for me) that just sets her above the rest, is that Luzanne takes the time to reply to almost every single comment on her blog. It’s always made my time, my questions and my comments seem valued and made me feel valued as a reader. I think making your reader feel valued is a special quality to have and it’s what keeps me loyal.

It is my pet peeve in life to spend time reading a blog post, asking the writer a question and they don’t even acknowledge me or answer my question. It’s caused me to unfollow a lot of bloggers. If ever I make you feel that way, gals, redirect me to this post. I honestly appreciate every single comment and question. It’s the reason I started blogging…to interact with people…not to stand in a room having a one way conversation with myself.

Okay, Simone has gone off track…what’s new? Back to the video. I’ve chosen an older video from Luzanne today. When I was learning to apply eye shadow, her videos were always my go to. The principles have stayed the same despite this being a video from 2yrs ago. Light powder to set your primer. Transition shade, shimmer on the lid, smoke out the outer corner and highlight the brow bone. These are good, solid basics in a world full of unicorn highlighters and slay queens 😉

Let me know if you enjoyed this FriYAY video and what sort of videos you’d like to see in future 🙂

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  • Odette

    I can relate with your pet peeve digression so much, lol. One of my blogging pet peeves is when I tweet a blogger that doesn’t have that much engagement/followers on Twitter and said person ignores my tweet. I don’t always follow blog comments or leave questions in them to check back so I don’t mind if I don’t get a comment back. But if it’s FB or Twitter and the person doesn’t have a lot of followers, they can at least acknowledgement my tweet or comment with a like. Sorry for going off topic. Great post!

    • Simone

      Odette I have the exact same experience! Or they ask a question and it’s crickets, so I answer…and I get absolutely no response on Twitter. I’m thinking…seriously??? Perhaps we’re tweeting the same people. lol

  • kirsty-rose

    I completely get you with blog comments! And other social media actually. If possible then I feel like people should reply as often as they can. It really does mean so much x

    • Simone

      I honestly agree. Sometimes I am the only comment (hell a lot of times), and yet I still can’t even get a ‘thanks for reading.’ or an answer to my question. I don’t know, I just find it arrogant!

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