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FriYAY favourite – Makeup mistakes you may be making

Happy FriYAY gals! Is it just me or do weeks seem to fly by these days? I literally feel like I can’t catch my breath! To have a post or 3 ready every week, with 3 kids, work and life….it’s hard! Anyways, moaning Myrtle aside, it’s basically the weekend, so let’s grab some coffee (or wine) and get to our FriYay favourite <3

When I saw this video by Miss Laura Lee, I knew this was going to be my feature for the week. Firstly, a little intro. Laura is originally from Alabama (hence the cute accent), residing in California. She’s married and has over 3.2 million subscribers. Onto our video….

With a lot of these do’s and don’ts (??), the ‘don’t’ side can be pretty exaggerated and unrealistic. As if you’re a kid or trying to look like a clown? Laura doesn’t do that in this video. It’s all very real and easy mistakes one can make on a daily basis. The blush….I was guilty of that for a while. Smile and plonk it on. Shit…dab it off! We live and learn 😉

Laura is super cute and I just love her accent and her ‘subscribe’ song.  Also, the way she says ‘con-sill-her’ (concealer)….I literally cannot say the word ‘concealer’ properly anymore. It’s my favourite.

What makeup mistakes are you guilty of? Did you find the video helpful at all? Until next week, have a fabulous weekend gals <3

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


  • Donna

    She’s really cute.. this Laura Lee.. con sill her lol. Well for someone who still has sooooooo much to learn about make up I loved the video. Thanks. All my make up knowledge I learnt from you though lol. I definitely think the side where the lash is hanging lol is too much. Others may disagree though as she says.
    Nice one Moni

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