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How many adults does it take to get a toddler into a car seat? #MomLife

My husband has been out-of-town for a week (the second time within a 3 week period) and to say I am feeling sorry for myself is an understatement. I started the week off still sick with bronchitis. Waking up early to drop him at the airport and then tackling the first week of school BY MYSELF! With 2 kids and a toddler. I feel like a I deserve a prize and copious amounts of wine at this stage. One more day Simone…one more day…..and the husband returns….
So as if life wasn’t real enough this week, my toddler was battling a case of the sniffles. We had already finished a whole bottle of age inappropriate over the counter meds, so I figured perhaps I should consult with an expert to medicate him instead. #JudgeAway
Off we go to the pediatrician and he is an hour behind. It’s the funnest thing in the world to take a crabby, snot nosed and super tired toddler to the doctor and sit in his waiting room for an hour with a room full of even sicker kids! YAY! No….no it is not…in case you missed the sarcasm. My child proceeded to:
  • Try and poke the 2 week old baby sitting next to us. (That baby’s people were outright NOT impressed with my kid)
  • He was climbing the expensive leather couch (in his shoes) trying to pull at the even more expensive blinds. Multiple times.
  • He lifted and moved every piece of furniture that he could.
  • He found the toy box, but only wanted to play with a broken toy that he tried to pry open. Then wanted to cry when he could not destroy it further.
  • He ran to the back of the reception area and tried to get to the files.
  • He ran out of sight and only when I heard voices I realised he had opened the doctor’s room door while he had a patient in there. I kid you not.
  • He then realised doors were all over, so he ran to the kitchen. Ran to the bathroom. Played with the bin in the kitchen. Back to the doctor’s room door.

That’s roughly how I spent the hour waiting for the good doctor. Once we got inside, he opened every drawer and door he could find. Moved furniture…pretty much everything he had practiced in the waiting room. After all that…I am told it’s not the bronchitis I had guessed he had, but a chronic drip causing him to sound as if he had bronchitis. #Relieved but #NotImpressed. The GP would have been a cheaper option. Moving along…..

My kid is like a Merry-go-round that doesn’t have an off switch!

So I’m in an illegal parking (sanctioned by the security guard) and nervous that I’ll be clamped and judged by the legal moms and tots moms when they see me approach my car. I put Adam into his car seat and he quickly climbs past it to the other side.

I walk around the car to catch him at the other side. He sees me coming and then proceeds to jump to the front of the car. *sigh*
Okay….beg him to come to the back seat. That will work right? *laughs loudly into the air* No, that didn’t work. 
I then lunge forward to get him and he quickly retreats to the floor and cowers under the cubbyhole. SERIOUSLY?? He looks at me and laughs. 
I then get out the back, go to the front….and I guess you all know what’s coming….. He quickly leaps up and jumps to the back seat.
At this point there’s a mom that arrived after me, she’s buckled in her well-behaved toddler and is now already reversing her car (while giving me a look) and she’s gone. I still do not have this kid in his car seat. The idea did cross my mind to attempt driving with him under the cubbyhole….ha ha. 
I am honestly flustered at this stage, but thankfully I manage to grab him and finally strap his ass in. Got him home, medicated him and quickly threw him into the nanny’s arms and I bolted out of the door. The end.

Am I the only one failing at #MomLife every single day? Or is my toddler just on a whole other level? I seem to think it’s a bit of both… 

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


  • Vee

    Firstly, I adore Adam! But this week I feel you. I really do. Failing feeling like a failure and waddling in my pool of pity. No judgement here. You’re doing a great job under the circumstances. Its not about how long it took. You got home didnt you? He got into the car seat. Lets leave the rest to – “Stories to rub in the kids noses one day when they are grown”. I cant wait!

  • Melanie

    You had me in stitches and reaching for my birth control pills. Im not ready for this. I barely survive one evening with my super busy Jack Russel. Even now I feel like a bad doggy mom when I get annoyed with her.

  • stephanie videira

    Sorry had a good giggle at this, kids thats all i can say and i feel u my 4 year old daughter going on 40 so stubborn and determined just tries me out

    • Simone

      I know how girls are. My eldest is 8. I feel you! At 4 they’re cute divas though…at 8…I’m ready to start smacking her. Lol.

      Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for stopping by!

  • donna

    my friend… under the circumstances you deserve a vineyard lol… ek het lekker gelag vi jou storie.. but seriously.. this past week sounds so darn hectic.. hats off to you…seriously ! you’re a rockstar… also you kjnow im gaga over yeah… his just a boy.. being a boy..mwa

  • MrsFF

    Oh my… this had me in stitches and nodding away because I could fully relate and it seems you were writing a page out of my toddler’s diaries 😆

    Hope he is feeling better?

    Ps: I have a feeling that other mom was just thanking her lucky stars today wasn’t her turn

    Ps: I once panicked and took my daughter to the pead. R800 plus Later she gave us neurofen you can imagine that I wasn’t impressed

    • Simone

      I love that all us mom’s can relate to each other!

      Ouch at the neurofen! I’d cry???? Once we took him to the GP thinking we were paranoid…kid ended up in hospital for a week. This time my gut was like..let’s go to the paed. Gut was wrong ???????? he’s not lekker though. He’s not sleeping well at all and seems to be getting worse. I’ve barely slept in 4 nights now. I hope this weekend sees a change.

      Lol thanks for reading! You’re right..everybody gets their day with their kids. Well…I hope. Ha ha.

  • Nadine

    OMG! Sounds just like my one. The blinds, the couch, the furniture, the doors, everything! Oh and not to forget he wants to go to the toilet every 5 minutes.

  • Melissa Javan

    Shame man, here I am laughing at the whole scene of your son in the waiting room, poking people, going up and down the chair, moving stuff …sounds like stuff my kid would do.
    But I’m sorry momma – it’s tough when a husband is away. For me it feels like all hell breaks lose, like whenever hubby goes away, we get sick and a tooth has to come out of my child’s gums. Strongs xoxo

  • Cherralle

    I laughed so much now!! When the other mom came with her well behaved child ???? And you still struggling. Gosh these kids !and Into the nanny’s arms lol. I’m not alone . Love this

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