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Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Filler {Review}

I’m sure you’ve all seen people raving about the Maybelline brow precise fiber filler (sheesh with these long names people!) all over social media? You gals know me by now, I’m a sucker for social media ‘advertising’. I see something, people rave, Simone has got to have it! So Simone got it! I picked up the shade ‘Deep Brown (06)’ at Clicks.


The brow filler looks like the pink Maybelline mascaras tubes. The tube is ‘square’? Plastic. Pretty standard stuff.



When you open this, I don’t know why, but I do not find the look of the wand appealing. I think all those little fibers are a bit untidy and I was sure somebody had already played with my tube and it was dried out, but that is just how it looks. This was my first impression though as I had not used it before. Only after using it I realised why it looked so weird (to me).


Okay, so why does the wand look so strange? Well its specifically designed for you to brush your brows and fill them in with the tiny fibers. The back part will sometimes have extra product and I can then just quickly dab that on sparse areas and then use the brush to get them in order. The narrow tip of the wand allows you to be precise in how you want to shape your brow as well. Also the bristles are great and you can feel they do a good job combing through the brows.

Do I love it? 

Not for my brows. Okay, before you wonder why I’d review something just to bash it, no bashing happening here. I do not love this for MY brows. In my opinion, this is better suited to somebody with fine brow hairs and sparse brows. I have really crunchy, thick, ‘you better look at me’ brow hairs. So when I add these fibers onto my brows, they just become so much more textured and harsh. That also has to do with the shade I chose, I wish I chose a lighter shade as the contrast then would have looked a bit better and more natural. I swear this makes me look like Mr Bean. lol.

So you said, not for your brows Simone, like there’s another option? There is. I’ve been battling for months now with a hairline that keeps breaking off and receding. This is due to severely low iron levels and something I am working on. While I wait for a better diet, and supplements to kick in, I am so glad I discovered this brow product. It is PERFECT for filling in my hairline. It looks so natural and adds those ‘fake hair fibers’ so it blends right in. My hair-line has been a really sensitive thing for me, so this really just helps me not have to think about it after I fill it in.

Retail selling price

I don’t see this online on the Clicks website anymore, but it is on the Dischem website at a RSP of R99,95 for 8mls of product.

While searching online for this, I did notice quite a few new brow products from Maybelline that I am really keen to get my hands on.

In conclusion, I did not like this for my type of brows, but I do think it’s an excellent product for naturally filling in brows where you have finer brows and non-existent brows. I would highly recommend it still, even though it didn’t work for me. Then, if you are somebody that fills in your hairline, do try this product for that as well, I think you’d love it.

So gals, have you used the Maybelline brow precise fiber filler? What’s your go to brow product at the moment?


I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


    • Simone

      It really is. The little fibers are amazing and something I have not seen before. They latch onto the hairs, bulking it up.

      I actually really like the Catrice brow gel. Have repurchased it twice.

  • Lizna

    I should try this, I have sad brows. I’m currently using Goof Proof by Benefit together with their pomade and gel but a good old brow “mascara” is so convenient for on the go.

    • Simone

      This one really is a one stop sort of product. I have always wanted to try the Benefit brow products, but I have not managed to get them. One day…. 🙁

  • donna

    oh my word this is soooo for my non existent eye brows… cant look face.. know my problem.. I love your brows…. you have enough for both of us though lol. mwa so guess I need to get this then.. and thank you xx

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