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A Superb shopping experience with Superbalist

I’ve been subscribed to Superbalist for a long time, but I don’t think I’ve ever purchased anything from them. For some reason I thought they seemed a bit too ‘uppity’ for my liking and that there’d never be anything there that I’d actually like to buy.

One day though, randomly cleaning out my inbox, I saw a message from them showing I had received a voucher for R250 to buy ANYTHING, with no minimum purchase amount. Say what? You’re giving me R250 for free? Plus free delivery? You gals know I’m going to be all over that like white on rice! Uppity or not, I’d find something for free if I had to!

I went onto the site and started browsing. I was looking for props for my blog pictures, and I spotted a stunning photo frame that I had to grab for R129.

Next I saw these cute highlighters, and at R69 I grabbed 2 sets. I was so excited to give these to my daughter, and boy oh boy was she excited too…..until she realised that they were actual real highlighters to use on paper, and not the shiny makeup kind that goes on your face. I kid you not…the way that child’s face dropped when the realisation hit her? #Priceless. She’s 8…I really didn’t think those were the sort of gifts she was hoping to receive these days. Anyways…she enjoyed them nonetheless and the 2nd set I put away as a gift for one of the 100 parties my kids have every year.

A few weeks ago I noticed late one night that the app was sending me an important broadcast….there was a sale on all jackets. It was literally 9:50pm and I was ready to go to bed, but I figured…why not just browse. I’m not a jacket kind of gal, but when I saw this pink bomber, I had to have it! I honestly restrain myself so that I don’t wear this every day. lol. It’s lightweight, great quality and oh so trendy!

I also went shopping with Superbalist recently for Father’s day. My husband decided that he has a thing for caps all of a sudden and sent me pictures of ones I could ‘surprise’ him with one day. All overseas. I was like…seriously dude? So when I spotted this NY cap on Superbalist, I noticed it was one from my husband’s pictures and I promptly added to cart. Just for the heck of it, I got this T-shirt as well. Please note…that is NOT my husband in the picture above. lol

I also ordered some stunning lamps last week that were available at ridiculous clearance prices!

There are a pair of sneakers I know my husband really wants that I posted about in my Father’s day gift idea post, so that will probably be the next purchase.

What do I really love about shopping with Superbalist?

  • The FitFinder is a great tool in finding your size and the site saves your info so it will recommend a size for every clothing item based on your initial measurements. It’s been accurate with my husband’s order as well as my sisters’ for her husband’s order.
  • They always send you fabulous discount vouchers.
  • There are daily promotions.
  • There’s a plus size section which I appreciate. I do hope they will expand the range in the future though, as currently it’s a bit limited.
  • Standard delivery is FREE. There are also minimal cost options to ensure same day delivery or even a Saturday or Sunday delivery.
    Delivery has always been fast and efficient and they communicate with you on everything to do with your order.
  • There is currently a R250 off  your very FIRST purchase offer. The promo code is FIRSTBUY and it gives you R250 off when you spend R400 – that’s only R150 of your own money. Did I mention free delivery? What are you waiting for? Click here to get started.
Have you ever shopped with Superbalist? Do you think you’ll sign up? 

This post was done due to my own experiences and appreciation for great service:) 

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


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