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K53 Pre-trip inspection -Toddler Edition

If you have your driver’s licence, you know what K53 is right? I am so glad I did it all those years ago, because I definitely do a pre-inspection trip every single time before I drive. NOT. Who uses that stuff? It’s like memorising math formulas and knowing algebra, when do we ever need to know that stuff? Nowย babies, toddler and kids, that is a practical course that needs to happen! We should have to write an exam before we have kids, because kids, they are an education!

I however feel that I am way ahead of the pack on this one. I actually may write to somebody, somewhere to tell them that I have my own K53 Pre-trip inspection checklist for TODDLERS. They may see the value in it and pay me a lot of money to co-ordinate this course. lol. Maybe we could call it the T53…T for toddler? How clever am I?

This morning before I darted out of the house, I realised how I do these checks literally every. Single. Day. Today, I thought I’d share my toddler life saving checklist with you:

  1. Scan dresser for any dangerous item that is in easy toddler reach. I found a pair of scissors this morning. Go me!
  2. Scan dresser for anything else that can be emptied or thrown into the bin. I saved a lipstick palette and 3 makeup brushes from certain death today.
  3. Scan the room for anything lying on the floor that toddler can trip over. Moved shoes, picked up any clothing items and toys. This kid can however trip over air, but that I can do nothing about.
  4. Scan the bedroom side tables for anything that can be destroyed or eaten. Hubby’s 11pm chips snack, check. Hubby’s glass, check.
  5. Open drawers and check for anything toddler can get his hands on. Medication, night cream and eyeshadow palette moved to safety.
  6. Scan bathroom for any detergents, razors or toiletries within easy reach of toddler. Easy reach meaning, can he climb the toilet and get them in the window? Yes he can. So basically the bathroom has to be taped shut at all times.
  7. Close all bathroom doors. Always. Or you will find brushes in the toilet, remotes in the bath, heck kid in the bath (we say a quick prayer and say thank you, because he didn’t break his neck climbing in) and Handy Andy all over his face and body like body cream. As we did last week. *Shakes head*
  8. Scan kitchen for anything that’s within toddler reach. Move any and everything as far back as possible. This one seems fruitless, because he just gets a chair and takes what he wants. Thankfully he didn’t cut his hand on that knife he picked up by the blade end recently.
  9. Lastly before I leave, I ensure that the pool gate is shut. You can read about our close call HERE.

Please note that this checklist changes on a daily basis. I populate it every time my toddler reveals a new threat in our every day life. Like the oven minding its own business that he feels the need to yank open and shove his hand into. Burn he will, but do it again…he will too. You got to love the tenacity of a toddler who knows no boundaries. Ah parenting…. fun……

So, do you have any toddlers/nieces/nephews who could use such a ‘checklist? Do you have anything to add to my ever-growing list?

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