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How to throw a party fit for a Boss Baby {Party Tips Series}

Okay so you are sick of hearing about the Boss Baby Adam that has turned 2 for a gazillion weeks now I’m sure. lol. I’m just going to do a quick recap, show you some pics and also how to DIY some items for this particular theme. Though if I can google and figure it out, I know ya’ll will be rolling your eyes at me…as if you need a tutorial. *shakes head at myself*

The Theme

Firstly, the theme. Many people were like…Boss Baby? Is that a movie? Well, yes it is. About a baby, who is actually an undercover boss, complete with suit and briefcase. Initially I chose it based on a sort of direct translation of the movie title. Adam is literally the boss of our house and I thought that it seemed fitting he has a boss kinda party.

I was rewatching the movie a week or so before his birthday and at the end I actually found myself crying. You see the movie wasn’t actually about a boss baby (okay it was), but the message was that family is important. Family is everything. Families love with all of their heart. If any of you are mother’s of more than 1 child, I think your hope for your kids is that they will always be close. Always support each other. Love each other unconditionally. When I realised that, through tears, I realised that the theme for this party was quite fitting. I am really close to my siblings…no matter what, and come hell or high water, I am going to pray and do what I can to ensure that the same can be said of my kids 10, 15, 30 years in the future. 

Moving away from the mushiness now…..before I did anything, I booked the cake and cake pops with Ginger Pops. I gave her creative freedom. I also booked Chantelle for photos who mentioned in THIS post last week.

The Venue – Caterpillar Kids

The next thing I did was to book a venue. I try to alternate with the kids, home parties and venue parties. I wanted to book a venue that I had used before, but unfortunately they had closed down. Somehow I stumbled on a venue called Caterpillar Kids and I booked them without seeing the venue. I was anxious that I had not seen the venue and none of my friends had been their either. My anxiety was in vain though, because this is an amazing venue. I’m very fussy with venues. I like it to be clean, neat and as ‘high end’ as a party venue for kids can be. Another consideration for me is that I must have exclusive use of the venue, and they offer this. 

Pauline is the lady that assisted me with my booking, meeting me in rainy weather so I could plan. I found her to be extremely professional and sweet. I am sure I annoyed her with my 300 emails, lol…but she never showed it. When I pitched up, the venue looked great and Pauline was standing ready to help me (as we were really late due to my eldest kid getting sick 1hr before the party). This venue is so much fun for the kids,  I promise you most of the parents had to drag their kids home crying. There’s something to do for little kids and bigger kids. Adam had a blast!!!! They (Pauline/venue) do as much or as little as you want them too. They can take care of snacks, photos, decor, etc. 

This is a slightly more outdoor venue than indoors, so I’d be careful in the extreme rainy weather, but there is an enclosed area with an indoor play area and activity tables set up that would also entertain the kids, in the event that it did rain excessively. If you’re looking for a venue, I highly recommend checking this one out.

Some DIY

I roped my mom in for snacks, my sister for the themed bunting, my good friend Donna for a centerpiece and I did the party packs myself.

I got the white bags at a local party supply store and my sister got the tie templates off the world-wide web. This glue was great in that it dried clear and didn’t mess with the appearance of the black tie. I found gluing the tie down first worked better for me, and I then cut to point of the tie in the center. Fill your bag with your party goodies and glue the collar down. The cups were much simpler…thank goodness!

Another thing that adds to a theme and doesn’t cost too much money, are themed water bottles. My sister got the label template online and instead of paying to have them printed as stickers, she just used thick clear tape on both sides to ‘laminate’ them so they would then be ‘waterproof’.

So this is the end result! What do you gals think?

A party series ain’t complete without gifts right??? For some great gift ideas for your own #BossBaby, check out this gift ideas post I did over HERE.

Looking for something a bit more girly, head over to this FABULOUS Moana party that my friend Natalie threw for her beautiful Gia.

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