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Do you want the fleekiest brows? {FriYAY Favourite}

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. So the eyebrows are the frames to the windows? Right? So by that analogy, the brows need to be looking good! Once you become aware of the difference that ‘on fleek’ (am I the only one that hates the word ‘fleek’?)  brows make to your face, you’ll wonder why the heck you hadn’t discovered brow products sooner. Some times I look at somebody’s brows and I just want to whip out a brow pencil, but I restrain myself. lol.

I have opted to not look at my wedding pictures from 12 years ago to see what my eyebrows looked like back then. I’m just hopeful that I knew about tweezing or waxing AT LEAST. When I go to the Spar or out for a quick errand and I don’t even put a spoolie through my brows, I feel so judged. So incomplete. I’m not perfect. *hangs head in shame*  It’s basically the same as not brushing my hair I think. A spoolie is the least one can do….and if I have the time, just some brown brow gel or some quick strokes of a MAC pencil.

My go too brow products

So I don’t have the most stunning or the most ‘on fleek’ brows. I like to fill in sparseness, sharpen the tail end and set them with some brow gel. There are so many brow trends, but I just can’t keep up. I think my routine is simple for the most part. Last week, a friend messaged me and said: ‘Moni, I want brows like these girls in the picture!‘. *Simone views Whatsapp picture attached*  I did a search for some brow routines and after watching a few, I thought this one by Nikkie Tutorials was a goodie and I sent it to her. I had planned on doing a brow routine video as a FriYAY fave for a while now, but time, procrastination, life….. After sending the video to her, I realised this was the perfect time to have this particular topic featured.

If you look at Nikkie’s brows when she starts this tutorial, well there’s no denying that this girl has skills! As if we didn’t know that after her huge ‘the Power of Makeup’ video that went viral? Speaking about the Power of Makeup, feel free to check out a post about the subject here.

So gals, I hope you’ve learnt something and that next time I see you, I don’t have to restrain myself from doing your brows on the spot 😉 Have a fabulous weekend!


I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


  • donna

    well let me reiterate .. this Nikkie has got some skills lol. hope when you see me next week you approve of my brows lol… im trying.. as I really don’t have much to work with lol.
    I love your brows.. brows for days lol.
    what products are in the pic moni?
    thanks for the video .. nudge nudge wink wink ♥♥

    • Simone

      The brow gel is from Rimmel and the black pencil is from MAC. The other one with the gold writing is a US brand. Pencil on one side, spoolie on the other.

      Interested to see how the brows turn out….lol. Otherwise, I’ll have my MAC pencil in my bag 😉

  • Lizna

    Haha I also don’t like “fleek” I keep my brows more naturally shaped but I have them waxed and tinted. Goof proof is the easiest brow product I’ve tried so far

    • Simone

      I am itching to own some of the Benefit brow products! I just keep flaking when I have to decide on a colour. I have to order online of course as we don’t have Benefit in PE.

  • kirsty-rose

    Feel free to do my brows for me next time you see me! haha! My main problem is I am terrified of going to new people to get them waxed so I don’t go as often as I should. I used to use an eye brow pencil from MAC though and it was amazing!

    • Simone

      I went to a new place 2 weeks ago…my brows are in shambles! Urgh. Never again! The mac pencils are great. Blends well and really smooth. When I saw you at the meet up though I thought your hair was so cute (think you had a braid with loose hair?) and your makeup….so didn’t even notice your brows 😉

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