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Let’s chat about some new Revlon products

Okay so this is and isn’t a press release. For those that don’t know, a press release is when you are sent information on new products launching from a brand. What that does is obviously create a hype around a product (in this case Revlon products) and make us all rush out to spend our cash right? I used to post quite a few press releases, but then I never got around to buying the products or testing it. Life, time, memory…whatever the excuse is. So to me, the press release was not providing any value to my readers

When I saw the press release for these Revlon products, I was kind of excited. I decided that I’d make a conscious effort to look out for these products, swatch them and then report back. So this isn’t a press release, because they have already launched, but I think it’s still new enough and informative enough to provide some value to you and you can then decide if you really want these products or not.

Revlon ColourStay Brow Crayon (RSP R179,00)

Designed for those who want fuller, softly defined brows without any hassles. The unique waterproof formula lets you achieve and maintain your eyebrow goals through all of your daily duties. 

– Wax to powder finish

– Crayon format for simple one step application

– Waterproof

– Buildable, blendable colour

So that’s what Revlon says. What did I think? I found these at Clicks and Dischem. They come in 4 shades. I tested the shade ‘Dark Brown’ and I think it suited me to a t. Soft brown is a bit on the warmer side, so that would not work for me. I found these crayons to be extremely blendable, soft and creamy. It went on smoothly with no tugging. My only gripe with this product is that the tip is quite thick. Before my brows were hacked off by a new beauty salon I tried out, this would have been perfect, but now that my tail end is a bit thinner, I had to be careful with filling in there. That being said, I didn’t have a problem at all.

My brows stayed put all day and I do think the formula set my brows as well.

Revlon ColourStay Brow Pencil (RSP R179,00)

This product fills, defines and tames brows in 2 easy steps. The waterproof formula will last for up to 24 hours. They come in 5 different shades.

I don’t know why, but the spoolie impresses me first on a brow pencil. lol. The spoolie on this pencil is really great. It does a pretty good job combing out my brows. Moving on to the pencil part, I like the angled tip, as it provides for a more precise application versus the crayon. Though I find the crayon’s formula a bit more creamy and prefer that formula. I did one brow with the crayon and one with the pencil and I think I’m just a brow pencil kind of gal, so that would be my choice, but I thought both brows looked good and held up all day.

Revlon ColourStay Creme Eyeshadow (RSP R99,95)

The collection of 12 wearable shades each contains finely milled pigments to offer a smooth application for the perfect burst of colour. Waterproof for long wear and lasts for up to 24hrs. 

The colour selection is beautiful. There are some warm tones, some cool tones, light colours and dark colours. I swatched these in-store on my hand and these swatched really nicely. Revlon claims that they are buildable to make the colour more intense and I can definitely see that you are able to do that. I realised 5hrs after I swatched it that it was still on the back of my hand and had not moved. Unfortunately I did not test the claim that they are waterproof.

I also picked up a sample of the new Youth FX Fix and Blur foundation. While I love the finish and how it wore throughout the day, I don’t think I can find a shade to match my skin tone. I find the Revlon foundations (that I have tried) have pink undertones and it initially seems to match me, but then as the day goes on I notice I look very pink. Such a bummer as I do like the foundation, especially because I found that it blurred my pores really well. I may try to mix my sample with another foundation to see if I can make it work.

Dischem had a special on where if you spend over R450 on Revlon goodies, you receive a free gift containing a brow pencil, an eyeshadow and a mascara. I’m not sure if it’s still going by the time I post this, but worth checking out.

Have you spotted any of these goodies? Have you tried anything out?

I’m Simone, a mom of 3, a wife...obsessed with my family, makeup and books!


  • Donna

    I have been getting make up tips from Simone now for the past few months. She has even given me products that really she should be selling. What you apply and how you apply it really does make a difference and I have even looking fabulous thanks to her guidance and expertise. But I’m still the same Donna and she’s still the same Simone and the time spent time together to a really what has been wonderful 🙂 beauty after all is only skin deep:-)

    • Simone

      Thanks for the heads up. I’ll look for reviews before I commit to getting a few then. The formula didn’t seem creasey to me, but the back of my hand is definitely not the same as my eyes. Lol

  • donna

    I must admit that I am never drawn to Revlon.. I don’t know why.. but I am strongly considering the brow pencil that we chatted about last week. thanks for this… and with my little eyebrows the pencil will work for me it seems.
    ek se dankie vir dit… ♥♥

    • Simone

      You know Donna, I feel the same way. I think they’re getting on the bandwagon now in terms of releasing newer and trendier makeup. Their foundation is really nice, I just battle to find my shade.

      • donna

        glad a blogger friend feels the same way lol
        well with all these amazing high end products and amazing brands on the market they have to step it up…. I think I need to pick you up one day so we can go and get a few more items to add to my collection (the tiny laughable one I have lol) .. as I am reading daily and still haven’t decided on a mascara and foundation.. the last trip I took was months ago with me having to send you pics lol.. I need to fetch you lol ♥♥

  • Aarthi

    Hi Simone. This is my first time leaving a comment on your blog, but I’ve been reading for about 5 months now, on and off! I think you’re really quite funny and have a great sense of humour most of the time! I especially enjoyed the post you wrote months ago, entitled, if my memory serves me correctly, “what’s new on my bank statement”, which I thought was hilarious, and far more apt than the boring and regular, “what’s new in my make up bag”…

    I have been using revlon for many years, and my mother before me. I feel like revlon is a classic brand, but a little bit on the ‘old’ side. These days I rarely give revlon a second thought, and also struggle with their foundations from time to time- Its interesting that you think they’re pink toned, whereas I find it quite neutral! I have a yellow undertone, and I think that’s where the clash occurs! Lo and behold, a foundation of theirs which never used to match me, suddenly does! Since three days ago, LOL.. #Dontaskmehow #miraculous

    I have used their New Complexion compact cream eyeshadow quads years ago, and to be honest, I really hate it! It creased badly and didnt blend well, dry down or set in place. I am apprehensive to try that cream eyeshadow pot you showed.

    Revlon is a brand I know very well, and have tried a lot of their makeup in the past. Though their foundations suited my mother better, as she was much fairer than me (MAC NC 15 ish) and I’m more NC 30-35 ish, lol. Also, I’m yellower! Most of their colour cosmetics work brilliantly on me, but I find that their prices are increasing drastically lately (in South Africa), and that makes me shudder-the packaging and over all formulations, I think, now aren’t worth the price point! What do you think?

    I love your blog Simone! You’re so down to earth and funny- I don’t know why I haven’t left comments for you sooner. Having said that, sorry for the long comment, LOL.

    Have a great evening XO <3.

    • Simone

      This is such an AMAZING comment. It just brought the biggest smile to my face. Thank you so much! 5 months was worth the wait 😉

      I’m glad my ‘what’s new on my bank statement’ landed with somebody. Lol

      I don’t think the foundations are not too badly priced when on promotion. I know we’re all about drug store and high end, but I imagine Revlon has put years and years of research into their formulations due to being used by our mom’s and mom’s before them. So i dont begrudge them the foubdation prices. I do think however that they may need to look at their pricing and/or marketing because I feel the same way. The prices are a bit up there for a brand that isn’t raved about by our ‘current influencers ‘….If I’m making sense.

      They had a campaign last year with a few top bloggers, but it doesn’t land if they only used Revlon for those few months and we never see those same influencers touch it again.

      I’m interested to see with this new line (which includes the concealers, primers, etc) what happens with the brand.

    • Simone

      Do what I did…grab a tester and test it first. I prefer the pencil though as I prefer the thinner tip. I just worry as the crayon is used more, the tip may become broader and then it may become a mission? A pity because I love the formula.

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