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Looking for inspiration for throwing a fabulous party? {Party Tips Series}

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…cry if I want to……. (are you singing along?) Can you believe it’s August already??? Almost 2018?? SAY WHAT??? Okay, let me slow down and back on up! August kicks off birthday season in our home, as Adam (aka THE TODDLER) turns 2 this month!! Meaning he is on his way to little kid status soon…leaving the toddler title behind him 🙁 That’s a soppy post for another day….

I had an idea to have a sort of party series on the blog this month, so look forward to features from my favourite photographer, baker and my favourite party planners (who aren’t official party planners, but mommies that really know their stuff) ! AND I reckon a party series wouldn’t be complete without gifts……stay tuned 😉

Today I am featuring a dear friend of mine, Natalie Chetty. It’s funny, because I met Natalie when we were but wee teenagers in the 90’s (sorry Nats, I’m giving our ages away!) and we worked at a rave clothing store together. RAVE CLOTHING STORE??? *shakes head* We parted ways after a while, but always seemed to bump into each other and of course we were Facebook friends. I recall when Natalie threw her daughter’s 1st birthday party and I saw the pictures on Facebook…I was shook. It was the most fabulous party I had ever seen. I was thinking: Damn Simone! Why did you not stay in touch with that chick so I could that my kids could get invited? LOL. #TrueStory Fast forward a few years and our paths crossed through mutual friends and I was on the list people.. Um…I mean my kids were on the list…*cough*

The thing I love most about Natalie’s parties, are the personal touches and how she always seems to value her guests as well. I thought it was only fitting that I start the feature with Natalie sharing some of her top tips and some fabulous party pictures to get us all in the mood as we count down to Adam’s birthday 😉

Q: So tell us a bit about yourself Natalie?

A: I’m married to my childhood sweetheart Suresh. We have 2 precious girls (I’m a girl Mommy <3 ). I’m a Business analyst at VWSA in Uitenhage and I’ve been here for the last 12 ½ years.  I don’t have my own party planning business yet, and I know my friends reading this will all be  saying ‘I told her a hundred times already she’s wasting her time with a day job’. lol 

For now I love my job and I know God will lead me in the right direction and guide me if a party planning business is for me.  I love planning parties for my kids, close friends and family and I often get inquiries asking for my advice and if they can buy my party goodies once I’m done with it. I love that my items get recycled.

Q: You have a clear passion and flair for events planning, where does it come from? Was there any event or party that you’d seen that sparked that passion for you? 

A: What sparked the passion? My wedding day 10 years ago! I loved every bit of the planning and that’s where it all began. (Natalie’s wedding was featured in the Fair Lady Bride magazine)

I love a vision coming to life! A party is an opportunity to bring a vision life! #GOALS!lol. I do take it very seriously, because its stressful and expensive, but what’s life without a good party? Seeing the finished product come to life? I love that feeling! No one can tell me they don’t love a good party! 

Q: What are your favourite types of parties/events to plan? 

A: Basically any type of party, I just love parties on the whole! A good celebration! From office parties to kiddies, 21st, 40th, baby showers etc

Q:  What’s important to you when choosing a theme for any of your parties? 

A: For me, it has to be Fresh, Exciting, New and Innovative! (This gal is SERIOUS about her parties! )

Q: What are your top tips for planning a party? 

A: A well thought out theme. A budget. List your resources, from decor to catering. I also like to include entertainment for the guests ( It just creates the atmosphere at the party).

Q: What’s your pet peeve when it comes to anything to do with event planning?

A: When guests don’t RSVP and when service providers don’t follow instructions.

Last words and tips for our PE based residents? I love our local stores like Domestic Distributors and J&A Florals. I also do loads of shopping online on sites like Ebay and various party shopping sites in SA & internationally. Local Chinese shops are also a great resource, as they have loads of bargains for parties. Rebecca from Ginger Pops is a favourite of mine for my cake and dessert tables. 

So gals, that’s the first installment of my party month series! Thank you to Natalie for sharing your pictures and words of wisdom with us <3 What are your top event planning tips? Favourite websites that you get inspiration from?

Head on over to Part 2 now for the latest tips and trends for choosing your cake for any occasion!


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