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Tara and Jack face masks {FriYAY Favourite}

Frinally it’s FriYAY! Last week this time, the stress levels were high, because you know, Adam turned FREAKIN 2 last Saturday! #Whoop He had a lovely party….but I had a lot of stress. I had been sick all week, so my skin was suffering and then my daughter got sick 1hr before the party and aged me some more. Besides needing LOTS of wine, my skin needed some TLC. Enter the Tara and Jack masks…sorry…’Le Masque’ (in my best french accent) from The Beautiful Store.

I had plans to do this post ages ago, but I don’t know what it is, my mojo is low gals. The struggle is real on a daily basis to remember I’m an adult…a human one at that. I just can’t seem to get the posts out that are on my planner. Oi…anyways….I saw that The Beautiful Store (hereafter called ‘TBS’) was running a promotion on these masks and I thought best I do a post in case any of you gals want to grab 1…or 7!  Rachelle over at TBS created this line of masks with a French Pharmaceutical company. She says:

I didn’t want just ordinary face masks. I wanted masks with a difference. That really, truly made your skin feel sublime and that weren’t just your ordinary, regular masks. I wanted to not only put some beauty into your mask process, but some fun too. And I wanted options for ALL skin types. 

Also, we can’t always afford to visit a spa every month or we are way too busy and so I wanted products that were professional-level that could be used once or twice a month in the comfort of everyone’s own home. And voila, Tara & Jack‘s Le Masque range was born.

There are 7 difference types of masks that caters to every single skin type and combats an array of skin issues, i.e. Sensitive skin, anti ageing, pigmentation, breakout prone skin, etc. 

The Apple Stem cell gel mask is my favourite. It may be due to the fact that I enjoy mixing it and pretending I am a cool scientist. ha ha. The mask comes with a little shaker, so you use that to mix up the mask…*cough* ‘le masque’. The Gold Radiance and Glamour mask is also lovely. I think I may love it more, because it makes me feel like a sparkly unicorn due to the gold glitter particles. lol. It leaves my skin feeling really soft and I thought my skin looked radiant the next morning after applying this mask before bed.

Just to mention, Rachelle gave me the tip to store the apple mask in the fridge and it would be useable for at least 10 days. However, using it twice after that and giving the leftovers to my sister, we still could not finish it. So I had this ‘clever idea’ to only make 1/3rd of the mixture in future. Duh Simone! With the clay mask, I only mixed half of it and I still managed to get 2 masks out of it (that I shared with my sister in law, as this one you can’t store). So each mask (besides the sheet masks) actually give you roughly 3 to 6 uses if you get your measurements correct. 

The masks are playful and yet luxurious at the same time. That’s what I love about the range. Sheet masks have been the rage for so long now, so this line is just so innovative and fresh, don’t you agree? I really commend Rachelle for coming up with the idea for this range. From what I read on her blog, she has exciting skin care plans in the pipeline as well, so I can’t wait to see what those are. 

Okay so let me talk about pricing. These masks are a bit on the steep side. I let out ‘le sigh’ when I see a sheet mask costs more than R40 at Dischem, and these masks range from R90 to R130. HUH?? Taking into account what I said about the multiple uses for the shaker masks, that works out to under R 30 per mask. For a spa treatment at home? That’s a steal. Also, currently there’s a buy one get one free promo running with The Beautiful Store and if you haven’t signed up yet (which I’ll be shocked about!), there is a R50 sign up voucher waiting for you! If you only ordered 1 mask, it would cost you R80 for 2, delivered free to your door….but please, don’t only order one….lol.

So to recap: They are fun, luxurious, cater to every skin need you have and this mom can barely go to the loo in peace, let alone go off to the spa like I used to. I just love treating myself to a good mask before I go to bed. Go on gals, you’re worth it 😉

Have you tried any of these masks before? Do you plan to get your hands on any of them?

PS #NotSponsored BUT Rachelle has sent me a free mask here or there with my orders (that I pay for) as a thank you for posts that she has never asked me to do. I genuinely think she is a lovely person, with exceptional customer service and I believe we need to support local #LadyBosses who have great ideas <3

PSS Thank goodness for those little codes on the silver sachets. One day Adam got hold of them and he thought perhaps I wanted to play ‘find your face mask’. I could message Rachelle and she actually told me which codes belong in which sleeve. If not for that, I may have ended up trying to mix a sheet mask in the shaker. lol.

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