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Winter skincare must haves

I realise that technically Winter is no more, but the chilly weather does last until at least October, so hopefully this post still adds some value to your life at this point. In Summer (can you just hear Olaf in the background?) I am basically a walking oil slick. Come Winter, things change and our skin along with the season. My skin gets very patchy with dry spots and the skin care products I was using in Summer don’t quite cut it anymore.

Firstly, I believe you need a good exfoliator to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh. You can use the usual abrasive type ones, but I tend to steer clear of those and my preferred ones are the Vitamin C Glow Revealing liquid Peel from The Body shop and I also really like the Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion that I received in a past Boxycharm. Both these products leave my skin feeling smooth and refreshed. One needs to be careful to not over exfoliate though, as this can dry the skin even more. If your skin is really dry, limit your exfoliation to 1 to 2 times a week. 

I also really like using a cleansing oil like the Camomile one from The Body shop or the Kiehl’s one I mentioned here. I sometimes leave it on my face for a few minutes before I get into the shower as a sort of ‘pre-cleansing treatment’.

Recently, I picked up a few items from the Beautiful Store and they’ve honestly been a game changer for my skin.

I spoke about the Skin Creamery Everyday Cream previously, so I won’t rant about it again. To be honest, I was worried that this would clog my pores, but it honestly does not. I use this on my face and body and I’ve already said how I LOVE that it’s a 2-in-1 product.

Coconut oil is praised for its hundreds of uses and anti-aging properties. Thanks to its high protein content, coconut oil deeply regenerates and rejuvenates the skin.

Baobab oil is an excellent moisturiser and works brilliantly to improve the elasticity of the skin – naturally. Baobab oil is rich with Vitamins A, D, E and F and helps restore the skin’s natural glow.

Jojoba oil contains naturally occurring iodine and is packed with anti-microbial properties. This helps inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria that causes pimples, blackheads and acne breakouts.

I have a significant decrease in breakouts since using this and I think the Jojoba oil has something to do with it.

Another product from Skin Creamery that I love is the Facial Hydrating Oil. This oil is incredibly light on my skin, leaving no oily residue. I am going to say that I don’t think this is for somebody with dehydrated skin. If your skin is dry or not even dry, but you’re looking at getting a facial oil into your skin care regime, this is the one to try. I apply this after I’ve toned, before I use a night cream or the everyday cream mentioned above.

I’ve been on the hunt for a night cream for a while and was so grateful when Rachelle from The Beautiful Store sent the Essential Collection Night cream to me. It’s exactly what I needed. The consistency is like a cream/gel hybrid. It sinks into the skin, it’s non greasy and it has the most divine (but subtle) citrus scent. This product is for all skin types, but again I wouldn’t say for dehydrated skin. Don’t worry though, we’ve got something for the really parched dehydrated skin coming up.

So if you’ve been reading this and you’re thinking, but my skin is soooo dry, what can I use for it??? The Naturals Beauty Avocado Night Cream may be what you’re looking for. I have some REALLY dry areas on my face. Due to hay fever and sinus, it’s mainly around my nose and mouth area. This cream has a sort of whipped mousse consistency and looks like guacamole? The cream is so hydrating and nourishing! You can feel when you put it on that its super rich and your skin really just sucks it all up.

I had terrible flu a week ago and after going through 4 to 5 toilet rolls, my nose area was suffering! BADLY! I used this cream on that area for 2 days and I didn’t have any of that dry scaly skin that I usually have after the flu. This stuff is really like a thirst quencher for parched skin. The last 2 creams are really budget friendly as well and cruelty free <3

Lastly, don’t forget your lips also need nourishing and for that I’ve been loving the Dr PawPaw Tinted Peach Balm. It adds a glossy look to my lips and they add moisture. 2-in-1 😉

What are your current Winter must haves?


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