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August Boxycharm {Unboxing}

I feel so sad thinking about the ‘boxyshuuurrrrmmm’ unboxing this month, with all the fiasco around my girl Kathleen Lights, but I guess the unboxing of the August Boxycharm must go on. Right? What is Boxycharm? If you want some background, go check out my very 1st unboxing over here.

The theme for this month’s box was ‘Beach please‘….I totally don’t say it as ‘Beach please’…lol. Naughty Boxycharm….. I’m not quite sure what the theme has to do with the box, because I do not see myself wearing false lashes to the beach anytime soon. That being said, it’s cute when they do the theme and the pictures released with the box are always stunning. To me, sometimes they don’t tie in with the contents of the box, but who cares, so why do I continue rambling about this? lol. Somebody stop me from typing!!

So #WhatsInTheBox ?

Tarte Rainforest of the sea volume 2 (RSP $36.00)

Crease-free eyeshadow palette with the best-selling creamy powder formula in eight, cool-toned shades.

For some reason I thought this was a completely shimmer palette. I was surprised to see that it has quite a few matte shades. Due to the creamy formula, it gives off this shimmer look, when it is in actual fact matte. I love my Tartlette In Bloom palette so I was keen to try this, knowing that it has a different formula. The colours look like something I may have in another palette, but when using this I found the shades seem to translate differently onto my eyelids. In a good way. I’ll update how they wear for the day when I post a review on the palette.

Aloette Face Paint lip & cheek paint (RSP $35.00)

Aloette’s Face Paint point is enriched with Jojoba extracts, vitamin E, and other essential oils that will heal and nourish the skin while providing long-lasting, dewy color to the cheeks and lips. 

I’m not sure that I am going to be using this as it’s just not a product that appeals to me, so it will either be regifted or put into a giveaway.

Real Techniques blush brush compared to the Moda-Pro blush brush

MODA™ Pro 3-Piece Brush Set by Royal & Langnickel (RSP $26.00)

3-piece brush set, features a pointed blush, chisel blender and a crease brush. These brushes will achieve endless looks and can be used with both wet and dry products. 

These brushes feel so sturdy and different. The brushes themselves are super soft. The pointed blush brush is very similar to the Real Techniques blush brush, just slightly smaller and slightly denser than the RT one. I am really excited to try this brush out. I think it will make for a more precise blush application, but still fluffy enough to disperse and blend the product well.

Waterproof Gel Eyeliner by Bellapierre (RSP $15.00)

Creamy, waterproof eyeliner for true definition that lasts all day. The liner glides on smoothly, and is formulated with pure minerals, natural waxes, and antioxidants-making them hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types. 

The formula seems really nice and it glided onto my skin when I did a hand swatch. It’s an eye liner, not much else to say at this stage. I will however compare this to the gel liner from L’Oreal that I just got a week or so ago.

Pro Eyelashes by PÜR The Complexion Authority (RSP $14.00)

PÜR’s 3D lashes are handcrafted with the finest luxury silk to provide ultra-lightweight, natural-looking, fuller lashes. These cruelty-free lashes are durable, reusable, and safe for contact wearers. 

I received mine in the style ‘Bombshell’ and well, these are defnitely bombshell type lashes. They are very soft, long and wispy. I have only worn false lashes twice and both times were an epic fail. I think I am too excited to put them on, so I don’t allow the glue to dry properly. Hopefully I will find an occasion to wear this to.

The box was valued at $126/R1 700 this month. As always, I’ll say it again, unbeatable value! That’s that for the super late August unboxing.

Okay, question time. Firstly, do you still want to see these? Everybody and their aunty’s cousin has Boxycharm now, so I’m not sure if these are still as thrilling as they used to be?

Secondly, if you’re considering signing up, be aware that due to an influx of Boxycharm subscribers, customs is trying to find a way to charge us customs on these. My box has been detained twice in the last 2 months. They are trying to find a way to charge us on the value of the box, seeing as the actual cost of the box is too low. I am trying to get some feedback from Aramex as to what the deal is with cosmetic purchases at the moment. I think importing makeup has become so huge, that it’s definitely on their radar now. I’ll see what happens with my September box and update you gals with any feedback that I get from Aramex.

With all that said, if you still want to sign up, here is a step by step on how to:

Lastly, please don’t forget to go and check out Melanie’s unboxing! We always post our unboxings together so you can see if there are any box variations. She has a lovely close up picture of the eyeshadow palette in her post.

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15 thoughts on “August Boxycharm {Unboxing}”

  1. Yes I still want to see your unboxing blog. Yes there are many more charmer bloggers than before, but we can’t all relate to one person. We need different views etc. Btw customs in general has been a problem lately so many suppliers are complaining about goods being detained regardless of the commodity so its not just our boxy charms.

    1. I think with people being able to then make purchases due to apps and places like AGS, they have way more incoming parcels than before. So I guess it makes sense they’re trying to earn their own dollars on all our purchases.

      I’m so glad you still want to see the unboxing, I do enjoy doing them 😉

  2. Honestly if they are going to charge you the original price that whats the point? Haaike hope it gets sorted soon. The theme of this box though lol. Of course I didnt say “beach please” either!

  3. Urgh.. Aramex and their drama. Their customer service has completely deteriorated this past year. Especially with how they handle customs. How much did they charge you in customs? I think you should continue doing these:)

    1. Everybody needs Boxycharm in their lives! We’re getting Becca next month…prosecco pop. A PUR palette (the one Nikki used on Kim K in their collab video) and a MAC brow pencil. That’s 3 of the 6 items.

      Cover FX coming soon…more Tarte. Colourpop this month. It’s INSANE! Every time I wanna cancel, and I just can’t!

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