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Carli Bybel palette review + {Giveaway Closed}

Ooh what an exciting day this is!!! I finally received my Carli Bybel palette and my husband was kind enough to give me the go ahead to order a 2nd one for my readers for a giveaway, but more on that at the end 😉 For now, let’s get to the palette, swatches and review.

Who is Carli Bybel?

Carli Bybel is a You Tuber with over 5 million subscribers. I definitely think she was one of the very first, if not THE first You Tuber I ever subscribed to. I thought she was (and still is) beautiful and I love how every single video includes a lovely uplifting quote. She seems really nice and is never involved in any drama. Her channel ranges from hair tips and trick to clothing hauls to makeup tutorials.

Background of this palette

Carli initially released a palette with BH Cosmetics in 2015 and then in early  2017, that palette was revamped and we now have the Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition palette. I know the claim is that this is limited edition, but I don’t know about that. The 1st one was also limited edition and it stayed on the scene for 2 years. In her video she said this palette would be available for a year, so if that’s the case, you have about 6 months left to grab one.

What I love most about this palette, is that Carli collaborated with BH Cosmetics. BH Cosmetics have a good range of makeup and brushes at really affordable prices. Carli was able to give her subscribers a palette with her name on it that was also affordable so that everybody could get their hands on it. Not all of us can afford Becca… #NoShade, but it’s terrible when you want to support a You Tuber, but their products are just way above your pay grade. Another thing I love is that Carli uses her palette in her looks very often on her channel, so you can get ideas for looks from her.

The Purchase

BH Cosmetics has been having promotion after promotion recently, but usually the Carli Bybel palette does not go on special. What they did however do was offer free shipping if you ordered the palette….and to me, that’s as good as a sale. I am always loathe to pay shipping fees, so I jumped on that. I did order the nude blush palette that Carli is also always using and also got 3 free mini brushes and a free eyeliner.


The total weight of this package was about 1.64lb. It was shipped to SA with Aramex Global Shopper and this was a really great experience this time round. It arrived at Aramex on the 2nd September and it was at my door on the 6th of September. 4 days?? I give them hate sometimes, but when they get it right, they really get it right. I had no customs charges on this palette.

In total, everything in the top picture plus shipping cost me R665.


The palette is housed in really sturdy cardboard packaging and it has a white marble design on it. I think for the price it feels luxurious. There’s a quote inside in true Carli style that says ‘Aspire to Inspire‘. There’s also a fantastic mirror inside the palette.

The palette has a range of neutral shades, as well as mauvey pinks shades.  It has a mix of cool and warm toned shades and then also the 6 highlighters.


There are 15 eye shadows, a mix of mattes and shimmers. I found the shadows to be pigmented and really soft. So soft that when I swatch the mattes, I pick up a lot of product with my finger. Just make sure to tap your brush lightly into the pans and also dust the excess off or you will have quite a bit of fallout. The shimmers work better with your finger as opposed to a brush, but that is the case with most shimmers in palettes.

Using the eye shadows, I found everything blended together really nicely and the pigment is decent and definitely buildable.

The highlighters are interchangeable as eyeshadows as well, that is something Carli stresses when she uses it. Use anything anywhere. The highlighters are really pretty and they wear well (of the 2 shades I tried). I wore the eye shadows and highlight for probably close to 10hrs and it still look as pristine as it did in the morning.

For the price, I don’t think you can go wrong with this palette. You could literally use it everyday for a natural look to work or glam it up a bit for a more dramatic look. You could definitely get away with only ever owning this palette and being able to create a few different looks. It’s got good shades for transitions which is something I always look for in a palette. Also this isn’t a trendy palette, I think it’s a real classic type of palette. Something that won’t be out of season next year. These are staple colours you’ll use forever.

I mentioned the weight, just because if you use Aramex you know weight determines cost. This palette is heavy and I actually ordered the 2nd one on its own and with a small free eye shadow quad, it weighs 1.08lbs. Once you hit more than 1lb, your shipping cost is usually increased. Anyways in case you ever wanted to order, I will include weights in future to give you an idea of how to structure your order in case you hate going over the 1lb mark like I do.


Okay, now for the exciting part. Well as mentioned, my husband felt I should spoil my readers, so today I have a Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition Palette for one of you as well!!! YAY!!! All you have to do is follow the Rafflecopter instructions and you have a shot 😉

PS If you want to buy this palette in South Africa, the following resellers are able to assist:


Pink Cosmetics – use code ‘stardust’ for a discount with Pink Cosmetics from Stardust & Lipstick, who also did a review on this palette here.

Vanity Line – They had in stock in July, so not 100% sure if they do have in stock currently.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. This competition is only open to readers residing in South Africa.
  2. The giveaway will run until 12:00am, on Monday, 9 October 2017, with 1 winner being selected at random shortly afterwards.  I will announce the winners of my giveaway on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so make sure you follow me on all 3 social media platforms so you don’t miss the announcement.
  3. If no reply to my email has been received within 72hrs, a new winner will be selected.
  4. Ensure you complete the necessary steps to validate your entries. I have no choice but to disqualify incorrect entries.
  5. I really hope you only enter if you’re a regular reader or you plan to stick around <3
  6. This giveaway is in no way associated with Carli Bybel or BH cosmetics.
  7. There is only 1 mandatory step. You can do as many or as few entries as you want to. Tweeting everyday is the only one that you can do daily to get yourself some more entries;)


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103 thoughts on “Carli Bybel palette review + {Giveaway Closed}”

    1. I wish I could turn back time and never have done that 1st order…it becomes a bit addictive! lol. The thrill of getting through customs with no charges, free shipping offers, etc.

      Good luck though!! My hope is this is going to a makeup loving home where the owner wants her 😉

  1. Fingers crossed cause this pallette has been in my cart for faaaar too long???????? absolutely Inlove with the color selection of this pallette!

  2. Oh my gosh I’ve been dying the try this palette! I’ve heard the highlighters are insane and my makeup addict hands need to try!! ???? The eyeshadows look really pretty & unique

  3. I would L♡ve to own the Carli Bybel palette as it has more Natural tones & I ????the light shimmer tones for the perfect summer look. As I realy need to try more naturals looks.
    For breakfast I had Oats with Chia seed, Cut up some strawberries & a small banana with some Honey.

  4. Girrrrrrrl. The colors look FANTASTIC on your skin tone! Thank you for including my code, you sweety you!

    Also, please review the blush palette so I can have an excuse to purchase it. From what I’ve seen it looks stunning!

    P.S. your husband is #goals! It’s so lekker when the men in our lives (in my case, my Dad) let’s us splurge a little of makeup. It’s as if they are giving their silent approval for us to slay.

    1. Definitely will be reviewing the blush palette! I see they jsut released a new one today that also looks kind of bomb!

      Aww husband is honestly amazing <3 Your dad is a keeper too!! lol. We're lucky gals!

  5. I came here wanting to see what everybody had for breakfast because I’m a nosy bugger xD It was a rush rush of tea and a cupcake for me! Kudos on the amazing swatches, by the way. Your images are always stunning.

    1. I tell you when I saw at least 1 person comment with breakfast I was thrilled! lol. Was hoping for more..I think you’re number 3 now! Thanks for indulging me in my quest…where I just wanna know what the cool kids are eating for breakfast. 😉

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  7. Wow this is stunning. Holding thumbs for the win hehe. Would love to win this amazing Pallet. Thanks for your amazing Page, love it.

  8. Ahhhh this pallette looks absolutely insane & I am dying to try it. I’m still learning the tricks and trade of completing eyeshadow looks but this would be an amazing prize to win.

  9. Can’t believe I’m only seeing this now. I’d love to win this palette. Carli is my favourite YouTuber EVER!!! I love how down to earth she is ❤️❤️

  10. I’m so psyched for this giveaway! I actually intended to purchase this palette and your giveaway came up! I crossed my fingers and toes when I entered! The swatches in this palette are absolutely beautiful!

  11. Omg! Such a stunning giveaway. I own the first one and love it. I’ve hit pan on 4 shades so I think that’s a clear indication of how much I actually love this palette. Any lady would be absolutely thrilled to receive this beauty so good luck to everyone. XoXo

  12. Omg this palette is life!! I missed the last one so this would be an amazing win ???? I absolutely love it! Also, I had Coco Pops for breakfast ????

  13. Firstly thank you for your amazing blog, loved this product review it was interesting and informative, enlightening as well. Thanks for the opportunity to win and to your hubby being supportive and kind of you both to give one away.????????????????????????

    .I would absolutely love to try this Palette.
    The eyeshadow palette appeals greatly to me, especially that it is pigmented the soft texture definitely makes application easy and its long wearing to. Will be wonderful to try new shades to enhance my eyes,

    Thank you for the opportunity to win. You certainly have a make up addiction influence on me…awesome.????❤????????????❤????????

  14. This looks gorgeous and is something that I always wanted!! An ideal birthday present foe me on 10 October.

  15. This would be amazing. I love all things make up and if I win I would be over the moon. It’s a gorgeous palette

  16. I have the original carli bybel palette and I’m absolutely obsessed with it ???? I’d love to try out the deluxe edition

  17. Wow I just love international cosmetics. If I could afford them I would go crazy buying them all. Have had my eye on this pallet for months now it’s on my Christmas wish list. I had egg for breakfast ????

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