Celebrate Heritage day with the ultimate heritage day coffee {Recipe}

Happy heritage day gals! I think in South Africa, this is one of the best holidays, where we can find ways to try and immerse ourselves into or discover a bit more about other cultures in our Rainbow Nation! Heritage day has also become synonymous with ‘braai day’. Clearly evident from the amount of meat and steak I saw in shopper’s trolleys yesterday!

Nespresso decided to put their own spin on Heritage day this year, by creating a special recipe to commemorate the day. Now besides out diverse cultures, our love of braai, there’s another South African treat that is part of our heritage so to speak. Think custardy, vanilla, cinnamon decadence….yes gals and guys..The humble Milktart! Today I want to share with you…*drum roll*  the Milktart cappuccino!

I was invited to try the recipe out and Nespresso also provided me with all the ingredients to create this #NespressorecipeSA at home. Today I thought I’d share it with you all, because I quite enjoyed it as a dessert coffee.


  • 1 Vanilio Grand Cru
  • 2 Marie biscuits crushed
  • 20mls Vanilla syrup
  • 2tsp Condensed milk
  • Milk


1. In one saucer crush the Marie biscuits, in another, place some syrup. Swirl the rim on your cup in the syrup and then into the biscuits. Set aside.

2. Add 2tsp of condensed milk at the bottom of that cup.

3. Place 20mls of syrup with the milk into your Aerochino, using your spring whisk.

4. Once the milk is ready, pour it into your prepared cup. Wait a few seconds for the milk and froth to separate and prepare your 40ml espresso Vanilio Grand Cru and pour into the cup.

5. On top of your milk froth, sprinkle some crushed biscuits and sprinkle with cinnamon for decoration.

And voila…. your Milktart cappuccino!

I think this is the perfect dessert coffee to wash down all the braai you’ll be eating today 😉

Enjoy, and do let me know if you try it!

P.S. I had to take the pictures without the biscuit coating as I didn’t find it photographed well with my lack of photography skills.????

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