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The cost of toddler destruction

I thought I’d play a fun game called ‘tally up the cost of all the makeup destroyed by Adam as a toddler’! What do you gals think? It’s one thing to lose item after item…it’s another to know the qualitative and quantitative value of all those items. I thought it would be interesting to know the total of the destruction, the total of the things I lost to the toddler….. Without further ado, let’s look at the line up!

My most painful was the Chelsea’s Boutique Brow Powder (RSP R255) that I had won. It was the perfect shade. It was so easy to apply and I just loved it for my brows. Adam broke it and smeared it into the mat on my floor. There was not even 0.0005g of product left in the pan. Empty. Klaar.

Another fave was my Clinique Pepstart hydroblur moisturiser (RSP R395). This stuff doubled as a primer as well and it worked really well. This is another product where Monsieur Adam made sure he got rid of 99.99% of the product. At least his skin was prepped well after the ‘all over body’ experience.

I got a frantic text from my sister-in-law that Adam had gotten into my makeup. My LA Girl Nudes palette (RSP R99,95) was one of his victims. Thankfully it wasn’t fatal, but there were a few minor injuries.

Probably the most heartbreaking to date…was the Ofra highlighter (RSP R550), in the shade Rodeo drive, that lived. You’ll remember I went to extreme lengths to resuscitate this cult favourite highlighter. Thankfully my little Frankenstein highlighter still works well even though she ain’t pretty anymore????

He likes skin care this kid. The Body Shop’s Drops of light brightening serum (RSP R275) is something I was really looking forward to experiencing. As with the above. ..its time with me was limited. This poor serum fought back though. First Adam threw out 2/3rd of it. I used what was left and made peace that maybe the 1/3rd would last me a while as a little goes a long way with this serum.  Well, then he dunked the last 1/3rd out…I thought. On a whim I tried one day and there were a few drops. A day later he emptied it good and solid…I kid you not. And yes..those are screws he threw into the bottle. A final ‘screw you mom’ I’m guessing?

Next up in his reign of terror? My Hean HD colour corrector (RSP R195) that didn’t even make it to a picture for my Glamore haul post, because it was assaulted within hours of its delivery. This was after I cleaned it up. There was a primer as well and about 1/3rd of the tube got squished out.

Another heartbreaking one…my Benefit Dallas blush (RSP R385). My ride or die blush! It’s basically a loose powder now. lol. Thankfully still useable, but messy!

A shout out to all the yoghurt and LITRES of milk that has been thrown out. The total of these items are just over R2 000 and that excludes 2 new single eye shadows he just dug into this weekend past. The dish washing liquid he squirts out when he wants to ‘help’ us and wash dishes as well. So much more…. but when the face looking back at you is this cute….urgh…you can’t even care can you? Makes for good blog posts I guess 😉

Adam with his foot stuck in the wipes container; Adam pasting toast onto his body….

Do you have a kid or niece/nephew that loves to destroy any and everything like my kid?

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20 thoughts on “The cost of toddler destruction”

    1. He destroyed a Catrice single eyeshadow on Saturday. I had 2 in a drawer. My fault though, for putting it in an easy to reach spot. I chucked destroyed eye shadow back into drawer and forgot about it. Next day he went for the 2nd untouched one. He literally knows he is naughty. Will call me to show me and tell me : Adam naughty….

      But continues to do it…over and over… This kid has no chill! lol

  1. I havent experienced this with either of my kids but my daughter (4 years old ) raids my moms make up bag ( A very big one at that ) because I don’t have makeup really 1 item of each 🙂 . My mom seems to have all her favourite things . Anyway I think my mom is just happy she has someone else in her family that loves makeup as much as she does . I think Adam is totally adorable who can get upset with such a face .

  2. I have been there with Ava and Sloane and trust they don’t want the play play make up they want mommy’s special make up lol

  3. lol… you know I love this kid.. and ive heard all your stories but seeing the pics of how he destroyed your make up.. still leaves me giggling.. #gagaforAdam
    love this child lol .. his just making up for his bro and sis being so sweet lol

  4. OH MY WORD!! This is one of my favourite posts ever! Adam you little terror!!

    Sorry sorry sorry but I would love to see more posts of these – your writing had me almost crying of laughter. But my ovaries pretty much shriveled up at the thought of having kids after this 😛

    1. Totally having a fan girl moment. Love your blog….so I’m kinda chuffed you’ve read a post of mine and enjoyed it ???? I usually put disclaimers before posts about Adam…that they haven’t been sponsored by a family planning organisation . For what it’s worth…my older 2 are model kids. This kid was sent to test me…and provide for entertaining blog posts. Lol.

      Forget baby proofing your house…now you know to toddler-proof your makeup one day????

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