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Fond of Jane { Unboxing }

Spring has sprung….and so has the new revamped Fond of Jane box! If you recall I’ve unboxed a few of these on the blog before that you can check out here and here. Around July they announced they were stopping the box and relaunching later in the year. When I saw them active on social media again, I must admit I was intrigued.

I’ve enquired as to what the difference is this time, and I’m told that the box will now be quarterly. This is to be able to give a better offering and to find items suited to each season.

The Fond of Jane team kindly sent over this box for me to unbox, so without further ado…let’s see #WhatsInTheBox….

Bioharmony Ultimate Omegas (RSP R187)

A supplement of omega fatty acids that assist in brain development and function and also against cardiovascular disease.

Flugon (RSP R28,95) (x 2) 

This is a unique formulation that can be taken throughout the year to boost immunity. It assists in preventing infections and targets existing infections, everything from sinusitis to tonsillitis.

These are suitable for adults and kids over the age of 6. I’ve never seen this before or heard about it. We’ve been so plagued with disease in my house that I’m really keen to try this.

Eat Naked Natural peanut butter

So this is pure peanuts with a touch of salt and raw honey. I love this for keeping at work and either dipping some veggies into it…or on a slice of toast.

Nivea shine control gel wash and day cream

These are samples and as somebody always looking for oil control products, I’m excited to try these samples out.

Piz Buin bronze tanning lotion

Get a natural tan twice as fast with this product.

As somebody that doesn’t need a tan, I kind of wish this was a sun block instead or even an after sun spray.

Thomas Robert pocket perfume (RSP R100)

This is in the scent ‘Jasmine’ and this little bottle apparently contains over 300 sprays. I think this is super cool and perfect for your handbag. This would make an awesome gift I think.

Ba! Mini energy bar 

We received 2 and this is the ‘5 tropical fruit’ flavour.

As always, there is a copy of The Yoga Journal included as well.

I wish a little information card came with the box so one knew where to pick these items up, but luckily with Google I seemed to have found a  few of them for pricing and retailers.

I think the box is great value for money, as it is worth more than it costs. Last time I subscribed, the box was R299 including delivery, so the vitamins and perfume alone is worth the amount you pay for the box. I love that the box exposes me to brands I would not have known about or tried out. There’s a bit of everything in here. I’m trying to stay flu free myself with my 3 kids, so I appreciate the flu products and Omega vitamins. As an oily skinned gal concerned with the Summer sun situation I can’t wait to try the Nivea products. As somebody trying to shed a few (okay a lot of) kgs before Summer hits, I can’t wait to try the peanut butter and energy bar as snacks during the day. I also get to try out a new scent.

I do think the move to a quarterly box is a great idea and I for one can’t wait to see what the Summer edition will being us!

What do you gals think about the box? Is it something you’d sign up for? Are you Fond of Jane?


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