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The most affordable makeup brush cleaner?

I need to apologise for my absence. Life has just been a bit hectic for me the last few weeks and when you have a family, 3 sick kids and a full-time job, it makes sense that blogging will get the short end of the stick. I have so many posts planned, and the truth is that I miss blogging…BUT I have also really enjoyed not editing posts, editing pictures, emailing companies, researching products and worrying about stats! Perhaps the break has done me some good though. I’ll do a sort of ‘life’ post soon though, so I won’t bore you with my woes in this post.

So what is today’s post about? I’m always on the lookout for brush cleaners that work, that make my life a little easier, because we know washing makeup brushes ain’t exactly the funnest thing in the world to do. In fact it’s the reason I keep buying brushes, so I hopefully never run out of clean ones. I saw overseas that quite a few people rave about a soap bar called ‘Zote’ that they use to clean their brushes. One day I was strolling down the detergent aisle, and this pink bar of Vanish caught my eye. I checked the ingredients and reckoned…why not give it a try?

I had this soap for about 1 month before I managed to open it up and use it. My husband kept asking…’ Why is the laundry soap on your vanity? Let me take it inside.’ I’d yell out…NOOOOOO…It’s for the blog!!! Lol. So one Saturday morning I finally chose my grimiest of makeup sponges and brushes so I could test the soap out.

The way I know a cleanser works, is if it can get through the foundation in my sponges and on my brushes. Foundation can cause real build up issues and as a result some of my sponges are permanently stained as I just haven’t found a cleanser that can break through the build up. Until now perhaps?

All I did was wet the sponge/brush, and swirl it around the soap. I like that the soap has grooves on it, so it can kind of deep clean the brushes as they go through the grooves as well. Obviously the grooves will disappear after a few uses, so don’t get too excited about that feature. I made sure to really rinse them well so there was ZERO soap left in my sponges or on my brushes.

The results?

Well I think the results speak for themselves. The red Morphe sponge is a bit newer, so I didn’t expect any result other than it being squeaky clean! The light pink sponge though, has been seriously stained no matter what I use. I just accepted that it would never be clean again….well apparently not. There was not a spot of foundation left on the sponge. My red beauty blender was also a bit stained, and the same results, all the foundation marks are gone! My brushes were also squeaky clean and I had no issues with them changing texture or anything like that. All in all I am really impressed with this cheaper alternative. It also smells good, so that’s a bonus.

The price? A mere R9,95! That’s insane isn’t it? Let me please say that I have NO idea what the long terms effects are of using something like this on your brushes. I’ve used it for about a month now and I don’t have any issues that I can see. Perhaps there are harsh ingredients in here…I really don’t know. If I see that there is some adverse effects on my brushes and sponges, I will update you gals šŸ˜‰

What do you gals think? Would you try this? Are you aware of any dangers with using this soap that I need to educate myself about?

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