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My must have eye shadow brushes

Just over a year ago I did an embarrassing post on my favourite makeup brushes. I thought my pictures were so cute and funny…and I went back now to read it and I’m like YIKES. lol. Okay I did think the addition of Brainy Smurf was funny, but I reckon it fell a bit flat….and them pictures were BAD! I figured a year later, a year wiser, so perhaps I should redo that post, but a bit differently. I’d break the post up into my favourite eye brushes and then a separate post on my favourite face brushes. I’m that ‘boujee’ now you know, I have so many brushes…I can do 2 posts. #JustKidding

Okay maybe I haven’t quite made it in life in terms of my makeup brush collection, but for the most part I am pretty happy with my current brush stash. Ever since I discovered the #MorhpheMe brush subscription, my brush collection has come along nicely. My faves are a mix of local brushes, Morphe brushes, and even 1 or 2 Wish/Aliexpress brushes.

The white-haired brush is a Morphe M521. This brush is great for depositing colour into the crease that you want to build up a bit and blow out at the same time. The shape is unique I think in that it’s ‘wider’ versus being pointy or tapered. It’s has the perfect dense/fluff ratio in my opinion. It’s a larger version of a MAC 217 I believe.

The dark-haired brush is my Inglot 6ss. This brush was pricey (for me). The Inglot consultant had no idea what it cost and when I got to the till, I was too embarrassed to say: no thank you. lol. I’m one of those people that you’ll always make a sale on. Even if it means I have to sell a kidney. Oi. That aside, I love this brush for my transition shade in the crease. It blends effortlessly and this is the brush I use to start every single eyeshadow look. I think this brush makes any eye shadow look good!

On the left is a slanted kabuki brush that I got off Aliexpress. The brand is ‘Jessup‘ and I really like their brushes. The handles are nice and sturdy and the brushes do not feel cheap to me. This brush I specifically like for applying my eyeshadow base and powder to set the lid before I start adding colour. This is definitely not something that you need though, as you can just use your finger.

On the right is my Morhpe M411 and this brush is so soft and I like the tapered tip. This is my go too for concentrating colour into the outer corner and then it’s also fluffy enough to buff the excess shadow into the crease.

Top to bottom: Cala, Cala, Wet n Wild

These are 3 similar brushes that I like for packing on colour onto the lid. The outer 2 are your typical flat eye shadow brushes. The middle one is less dense and a bit more fluffy at the end. I use it to pack onto the lid, and then also if I need to buff some of that eye shadow into the crease or even to blend 2 contrasting lid colours together.

L-R: Cala, Morphe, Royal & Langnickel, Morphe

The last 4 are mainly brushes that I use on my lower lash line depending what I want. The first Cala brush (313) is fluffier so it’s great for blending out colour. The other 3 are tighter, more densely packed brushes, so they are going to be more intense and precise with colour.

I have more eye brushes than I know what to do with, so I am trying to scale down a bit and give some brushes away. It’s really not necessary to have 10…20….or more eye shadow brushes. Some days I use the Inglot 6ss for most of the work. As you can see from the range of brushes, you can find affordable brushes to do the work, mid budget brushes and also more pricey brushes.

I am going to say though, that some brushes are more superior to others. I used to think my Cala blending brush was the, until I used my Inglot brush and I literally can never be without that brush now. You will find that some brushes really do a lot of the work for you and give you a more polished/blended look.

I haven’t included a liner brush, because I haven’t quite found the perfect liner brush yet.

Which brands are responsible for your favourite eye brushes? Spot any here that you use?

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