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The products I was obsessed with during September {Favourites}

So 2017 is almost a done deal. We are in October, which is great and kind of insane! I literally cannot wait for shut down. I just need this year to be over….not to wish time away, but it’s been a hard year. I’m ready for the next chapter and just for some down time with my family. As usual, totally off track… today we’re going to be chatting about my September favourites!

I love doing these posts when I feel really passionate about something. Some months they feel a bit rushed and forced…but this month definitely was NOT one of those months. I had to edit myself big time! Let’s dive in 😉

The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette 

Do we even need to discuss this? This one should be pretty self explanatory. *insert heart eyes*  This palette is beautiful to look at, though not for long as that white cover is going to get soooo dirty 🙁 The shade selection is amazing and I personally find the quality of these shadows to be impressive. Every colour I have used thus far has been really pigmented, the mattes blend really well and the shimmers are great as well. I feel this palette is perfect for every makeup enthusiast. Whether you love neutral looks or more dramatic looks, you really can do everything with this palette.

My only con…I want to use at least 8 colours with every look, so I need 2hrs to do my makeup with this palette. ha ha

I’ll insert some swatches on my Instagram stories later today if you’re interested in seeing this baby in action.

L’Oreal Telescopic Extra-Black mascara 

I picked this up at the recent Dischem beauty fair with the free gift offer, and immediately I was smitten. This mascara adds so much volume and it’s a pitch black mascara. The formula is a bit wet, so apply with a light hand initially and then work it in. I also find that this doesn’t clump my lashes or flake. This mascara is really great and I see myself repurchasing this time and time again.

MAC brow pencil in Spiked

I was pacing the floors saying: ‘monthly faves…what were you loving Simone?? Think!’ and my husband said: ‘What about that brow pencil you cried about when you thought you lost it?’. A light bulb went off…. That man just gets me I tell you! 

I just finished my pencil about a month ago when I received this one in my September Boxycharm. I was really ecstatic to receive it, as this is my RIDE OR DIE brow pencil, that rightfully deserves a spot in my ULTIMATE makeup must haves post. The formula is creamy and the thin tip allows me to be precise in shaping my brow and then filling it. My ONLY gripe…why no spoolie MAC? If Colourpop can give us a brow pencil with a spoolie for $5, surely you can too? 

Benefit’s Agent Zero Shine 

I recently saw a you tuber use this product and she was saying that it was a highly underrated product. I thought: ‘hey, I have that at home…and I NEVER use it.’ Why? Absolutely no idea. So I whipped it out, and since then, it’s been my go too powder for setting my face and even my under eye area. The powder is so finely milled and I like that it’s like a skin tone colour. It leaves no cast on the skin at all and I just feel that this minimises shine, leaves my skin feeling so smooth and also minimises the appearance of my pores.

I got this mini in a kit I purchased, but I will definitely be purchasing a full sized one once this one is finished.

Vichy’s Ideal Soleil with SPF30 

I won’t lie, but I rarely remember to use sunblock. I hate the way it feels greasy on my skin and there’s no way I can imagine putting makeup up on top of greasy sunblock??!! Luckily, this Vichy one definitely is not greasy. It is specifically aimed at oily and blemish prone skin (more about the product in this post). It basically has multiple functions:

  1. Protect from sun damage
  2. Anti-shine
  3. Targets blemishes

This applies so lightly and gets absorbed fast. There is zero greasy feeling and also no white cast on the skin. I have no issues using this under my makeup. If anything it aids with the oil situation that is so prevalent once Summer comes. I keep this front and centre on my ‘vanity’ (aka Adam’s compactum) so that I use it daily now.

Aunty Jackie’s Hydrating Sealing Butter

I’ve spoken about Aunt Jackie’s before on the blog, and the range is still a firm favourite in my household. I just recently discovered this ‘butter’ a few weeks ago, but I love it. It nourishes the hair and deals with flyaway hairs. It doesn’t seem to build up on the hair to make it unmanageable, which is another big pro in my books 😉

 Nespresso’s Barista Chiaro (Limited Edition)

I love trying out the Nespresso Limited Edition blends. It’s usually a hit or a miss for me, but there are really not many where I was feeling like: ‘Please don’t ever stop selling this!’….not until I discovered the Chiaro pod.

Inspired by the craftsmanship of the world’s finest Baristas in mastering the perfect harmony of coffee with milk, BARISTA Chiaro is a new Limited Edition Blend that was specially crafted by Nespresso experts to prepare a sweet, Indulgent Cappuccino recipe which has a smooth, creamy taste with notes of Biscuit and Caramel.

You may not even require sugar with this one. I love to just sit quietly and sip this slowly. It’s almost like a dessert coffee to me, that I can have any time of the day. If you haven’t yet tried it, head to Nespresso and get your hands on it. This one really is delicious and something I’ve been wanting from Nespresso for years. One request…PLEASE MAKE IT PERMANENT <3

Gals that is it for my September favourites! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these…love it, hate it! I love hearing from you. Also, feel free to share my posts on social media…and make sure to follow me on social media if you haven’t already 😉

PS Don’t forget there’s only a few more days to enter to win the Carli Bybel palette over here!

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