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When the kids beg to bath {Slime Baff review}

When I was initially contacted to review this product, I made the BIGGEST mistake of my life in mentioning it to my kids. Every single day after that, they asked: ‘Is the bath stuff here yet? When is it coming? Is that the bath stuff??’. I almost went mad….and I now know to NEVER tell them anything again. The day the package arrived….Addison was all over it like white on rice. ‘Can I bath right now???’ After I said no 17 times and explained that I needed to take pictures and I needed a clean bathroom (one would think that’s a standard to have in a home right? Not in my circus apparently…) I got called ‘meany mom/selfish/evil stepmother/etc’. Thankfully this meany mom has got a real thick skin sometimes 😉

What is this magical product that had my kids in a tailspin? It’s a range of bath products designed to make bath time a fun experience for kids! We received 2 different variants, the Slime Baff and the Gelli Baff. One of it turns the bath water into slime and the other one turns the bath water into gelli/jelly.

The transformation begins…..

Eventually the day arrived and I told them to choose which one they wanted to try first.  They opted for the green Slime Baff. You get a pouch of green powder that you pour into the bath. I made my kids swirl the water around for about 5 minutes before jumping in.  I swear those kids undressed faster than the flash and all 3 of them jumped into the bath at the same time. The water gradually gets more and more slimey with every passing minute. As an adult, I have no idea how it could ever be fun to bathe in slime…but I guess that’s why this is a kiddies products. The makers of this product know what kids love. This stuff legitimately feels like REAL SLIME!

My kids had an absolute blast! They slipped and slid all over the bath. The boys put it in their hair and Adam even drank some. Thank goodness it contains no harmful chemicals and is non toxic, so I wasn’t too stressed about that. The kids when done bathing, saved some slime in tupperwares and still played with it for a good week or 2 afterwards. Gross I know! lol. I mean, they bathed in it???? Kids will be kids…..

Iron Man chilling in the slime

I love that the product is non irritating on the skin, non toxic and stain free. The instructions did say to dilute the slime before pulling the plug, which we didn’t do (water saving and all), so it took a bit longer for it to go down the drain. There were no aftereffects of not diluting it though. The kids skin all felt quite soft and smooth after the bath so the product isn’t drying at all.

The kids have been nagging to try the Gelli Baff, so once my bathroom is clean…I promise I’ll do a review on that one as well!

These products will be available at Toys r Us around the 2nd week of November, so I reckon you should grab them once they are in store so your kids too can beg to ‘baff’ 😉

Slime dripping from my hands…

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