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The best of Boxycharm!

Hey gals! I hope you are all well today! I am so ready for December shutdown at this stage….heck even just school holidays…so I don’t have to make lunchboxes everyday. lol. Moms…you know the lunchbox struggle right? I try to buy for the week on a Sunday evening…..and by Tuesday everything is gone. I can’t deal with my kids and their appetites. Oi.

Okay, let’s get into today’s blog post. You really can’t hate on a Boxycharm box. The box is INCREDIBLE value for money, BUT I have been noticing that I am not using a lot of the items I’ve received. The ones that are loved are well loved…but the ones I don’t touch…never see the light of day. This makes me wonder if continuing to get Boxycharm makes sense… I go back and forth on this though, so time will tell what I will end up doing. I’ve been feeling a bit bored with my unboxing posts and thought maybe this month I’d change things up a bit and share with you my favourite items from my Boxycharm boxes…. the best of Boxycharm!  Similarly, I can do a least favourites post as well. Let me know if you’d like to see that?

Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion (Age defying exfoliator) (RSP $80) 

I love this product so much! It really makes my skin feel so smooth and clean after I’ve used it. I’ve gotten about 10 to 12 uses out of the tube and I don’t think it’s done yet. I am so keen to try some more from this brand, but it’s quite pricey. This is the great thing about Boxycharm…I never would have known about this brand and also never have been able to afford this. Now that I’ve tried it, I may decide that it’s worth the splurge and buy it myself. Thankfully I received another Dr Brandt product in my October Boxycharm….a product I’m sure will be in my next Top 10 <3

Matte Liquid Lipstick by RealHer (RSP $15,00/R210)

This lipstick is so pigmented and has great staying power. The only issue is if you touch your lips while it’s drying…then it’s a sticky hot mess! Make sure to not touch your lips in any way, shape or form while it’s drying and you’re good to go.

Rodeo Drive Highlighter – Ofra Cosmetics ( RSP R550/$35)

This doesn’t need an explanation does it? The softest most buttery highlight with just the right amount of gold….. *dreamy eyes* Such a pity Adam destroyed it, but thankfully, she’s still useable.

Brightening Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask by Farmacy (RSP $24)

I really enjoyed these masks. This brightened my skin and tightened my pores. My skin looked fantastic after using this mask. I wish I could get them in South Africa 🙁

Soiree Diaries Eyeshadow Palette by Pur Cosmetics (RSP $34.00)

This looks like a really plain/neutral palette, but it’s actually really stunning on the eyes. The shade ‘Dazzle’ on the eyelid….STUNNING! I love that it has warm and cool tones.

Brow Pencil by MAC cosmetics (RSP $18.00)

The brow pencil by MAC is my favourite brow pencil…hands down! I’ve used it before it appeared in Boxycharm, so I was really happy to receive one just as I finished the one I had.

Face perfecting brush by Bare Minerals (RSP $28.00)

This brush is amazing for foundation and I sometimes prefer it over my beloved beauty sponges!

Biobelle Beauty Secret Mask ($15) 

I really enjoyed these masks…so much so that I’m hoarding it. lol. I really can’t wait to use the Primer mask, but I’m saving it for some sort of special occasion 😉

Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Tuscany or Santa Ana ($19.90)

The formula on the Ofra liquid lipsticks are amazing! It’s so comfortable on the lips and really opaque. It’s not very long wearing, but I really don’t mind reapplying.

Don’t Despair Repaid Deep Conditioning mask by Briogeo (RSP $20.00) 

I loved receiving a hair product and especially one for hair that needs some TLC.

That’s basically my top 10 from my boxes that I’ve received over the last 9 months. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these…if you’re a fellow charmer, what’s your ‘ best of Boxycharm ‘ top 10?

If you want info on how to sign up for Boxycharm, check this post out.

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