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What to do in Cape Town + { John Legend live}

I don’t think we’ve been away as a family since before Adam was born. If memory serves me correctly, our last trip away was in 2014. Recently we decided to do a trip to Cape Town. #ILoveCapeTown!!!

This is not a ‘let me tell you about every moment we spent in Cape Town‘ post though. I always love first hand accounts and recommendations for anything. Whether it be accommodation, a restaurant or a book. Essentially that’s what I think a blog is about, being a source of information. I don’t say that my opinion is the be all and end all of recommendations though, but perhaps you’re a family and looking for some recommendations for the next time you visit Cape Town and this post may help πŸ˜‰


We stayed at The Falcon, situated in Milnerton. It’s a self catering cottage and I found it to be really comfortable, spacious and neat. This was honestly a home away from home, but a home much neater than my own. The cottage sleeps up to 8 people, and there’s a pool, braai area, wifi and DSTV. I also thought the rates were quite reasonable.


Kiddies entertainment

A friend suggested a place called The Playstation and I put it on my list of places to go. It was however, really far away from us, so quite a drive for the kids ‘just to play’. That being said, I didn’t regret the drive. The place has so much to do for the kids.Β  Wall climbing, slides, mazes, roll playing, and and and….. There are helpers there that look like they really love their jobs and they’re ready to assist a kid at any time. Also their coffee milkshakes are DIVINE and the kids really enjoyed the kiddies meal (that I made them share, cause mama ain’t made of money. Eat or play, not both).


This coffee milkshake is DIVINE! ????β˜• . #MomLife #ThePlaystation #Kids #MomOfThree #Fun #DownTime #FamilyTime

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The only con for me with the Playstation is that on the website it said kids under 2 play for free. I thought it sounded like a bit of a grey area, because Adam is 2 not ‘under 2’. Lo and behold I had to pay for him. R85 per kid. Thing is, he could not use half of the facilities as most of the play stations are for ages ‘4 to 12’. So I kind of feel that a 2-4yr old should maybe pay half the rate? I could just be Scrooge Mcduck though, because for 2 hours x 3 kids, it would cost me R450. If I only had to pay for 1 or 2 kids, I wouldn’t be complaining because the facilities, the staff and restaurant area all get 5 stars in my opinion. Just to mention, there is a seperate little play area for kids ‘under 2’.

Kiddies (and adult) entertainment

I don’t know why, but I’ve just always wanted to visit a wine farm! I swore that on this trip, I would make that dream a reality.Β  A friend suggested VergenoegdΒ Wine Estate, so on Saturday morning we made our way there.


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There was a biltong stall, plenty of food stalls, toys, shoes, cheese, breads….um and WINE. My friend did say that she didn’t love this wine farm due to limited seating options, but I really did enjoy it. It wasn’t too mainstream or busy, so we managed to grab a picnic table after a while.

It felt so relaxed…the kids could run around while mama sat down and got her wine on. They had pizza, ice cream and slush puppies….and also witnessed the Duck Run…the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Ducks running….in a line, together….oh my word. Really super cute. The kids also went on a tractor ride around the vineyard that they thoroughly enjoyed.

The only con….the play area is R50 per kid. By now, you can tell that this mama is not made of money and not about that paying for 3 kids kind of life! lol. Adam snuck into the ball pond a few times…we had to drag him away kicking and screaming. In hindsight I wish that I paid for him to play there, because that ball pit was literally the only thing he wanted. I ended up buying him toys and snacks.,..and I tallied up that I could just have paid the darn R50. The older kids had a ball walking around and checking out the stalls, extorting money out of us for play dough and all sorts of silly things. Jokes and moaning aside…this was one of the highlights of the trip for me.

PS Did I mention that the Sauvignon Blanc was DIVINE! And they’re pretty generous with the glasses! My kind of place πŸ˜‰


I didn’t get to do much shopping, but I did pop in at H&M and I picked up some tops, earrings and tights for Addison. I found that they are so reasonably priced and the kiddies section is super cute! Not too much in terms of plus sized clothing, but I’d definitely go back once I shed a few kg’s and also to shop for the kids!

Eating outΒ 

I finally managed to try the infamous Dunkin Donuts.Β  I’m actually not a donut lover, so I don’t know what I expected. The donuts were nice, not amazing. I enjoyed the strawberry and cream donut, as well as the lemon meringue. Also the ice coffee was nice. If you’re a donut lover, check them out though…my sister loved it and so did Addison.

The Food court in Canal Walk is an obvious choice for grabbing food to suit everybody! Addison got her sushi fix, Josh got his chicken fix…and Adam got his running around fix.

A gem I discovered the day before we left is Limno’s Bakery at the Somerset West Mall. The strawberry cheesecake and their macarons were really really good! They were just expensive though…in my opinion.

I so badly wanted to visit Urban Decay, Lush and Crumbs and Cream, but maybe next time….

John Legend at Grandwest Casino

I’ll just touch on this briefly, as obviously it’s not something you can do at the moment, but I had to give a shout out to John! Gerard and I saw him in 2014 as our anniversary gift to ourselves and we really enjoyed the show! It was the best concert we’ve ever been to. So when he came around again….in time for our anniversary, it was a no-brainer….and surprise….he blew us away again!

Hearing ‘All of Me‘ live…AGAIN….was exhilarating. Once he plays the first note on the piano….I die! He also performed Glory as his closing song, and that really just evoked so much emotion in me. Glory has been my ringtone for over a year now….so to hear it live was an amazing experience. Hubby was just hoping Common was going to walk out onto the stage! lol.

If he comes to SA a third time, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to be there <3

What’s your favourite place to visit in Cape Town…or any city that you usually go on holiday to? I’d love recommendations for family friendly things to do…in PE, CT, EL, JHB…anywhere.



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