Brunch at Vovo Telo {Restaurant review}

My husband and I are big on breakfast and coffee. We love good coffee and places that know how to make eggs properly (where the white isn’t slimy!). Some times we like trying out new spots, but for the most part, we stick to what we know. There are probably 3 breakfast spots that we absolutely love in Port Elizabeth. Vovo Telos is one of those 3….if not THE TOP spot of the 3! Vovo Telos is situated in Richmond Hill and it’s a restaurant that is always busy and kind of buzzing. You can see people there are regulars…they know a good thing like we do.

How it began

While on a surfing holiday in Madagascar, an old man on a rustic green bike peddled past us, his basket stacked high with fresh baguettes. In one sunny afternoon we fell in love with artisanal bread and decided to bring our cherished memory back home. Vovo Telo, named after the hotel we stayed in, was born. We strive to bring scratch baking, traditional methods and only the best ingredients to our freshly baked breads and pastries. Now everyone can enjoy that simple fresh taste that we first experienced in Madagascar. –Matt, Founder of Vovo Telo.

I’m very proud of the fact that Vovo Telo is home grown, right here in Port Elizabeth, and what started out as a little coffee shop, now consists of around 13 restaurants across South Africa! When my husband and I spotted them a few years ago at the V&A Waterfront, you’ll swear we spotted a child we birthed ourselves. lol. We walked in there all giddy….wanting to say: We’re from PE! We know this place! It’s ours!…but we didn’t, and went with not publicly humiliating ourselves and the PE based Vovo Telo’s.

Recently I saw that Vovo Telo was boasting a ‘new menu’ and I sent my husband a screenshot, knowing full well that it would now be his life’s mission to get there and try whatever was new. We decided to head there for brunch one day and try out one of the new dishes.

The Mexican eggs

My husband ordered the mexican eggs while I had a mild anxiety attack about the fact that my marinated tomato pizza was NOT ON THE MENU! The waitress told me she could arrange to have it made for me and I calmed down. I’m not kidding, when pregnant with my son Joshua, I think I ate one of these pizza’s weekly. It was the ONLY thing (besides ice) that I craved. Okay I’m realising now as I sit salivating, that maybe it’s just a life craving and wasn’t so much a pregnancy craving. lol. On that note I see that this specific pizza is on a seperate menu ‘exclusive to PE’, so YAY for me! 

My husband thoroughly enjoyed his mexican eggs and I sampled it, it was really really good! Just the right hint of spice, with the creaminess of the avocado and the mince served with the most delicious corn bread! My husband has recommended this dish to anybody that will listen to him.

We also loved that corn bread so much that we asked to order a loaf, until they told us it was R80 a loaf. It’s a good damn bread, but yikes…we told them to u turn…we were very sad. Had it been pay day I think we would have paid for it…but it was like that ‘end of the month salticrax’ period.

Marinated tomato pizza

Gals, I am no food photographer, so I know my pictures do not do the food justice. This pizza is soooo good! Those marinated tomatoes are a flavour from another universe. The combination of the pesto, the mild mozzarella, basil and those me is perfection! Their chicken pesto sandwiches are also really delicious and I need to put in a special mention for their cappuccinos. I think they may be the best in Port Elizabeth!

Peach milkshake

I was excited to see a peach milkshake on the menu, because I love peaches, but the flavour was lacking for me. This tasted like vanilla milkshake with pieces of peach skin in it. So that is a pass for me next time.

The menu is really extensive…their pasta’s are also pretty darn good! The Surrey Hills is a breakfast I absolutely love. They also have salads, burgers and if I’m not mistaken, bunny chows on the menu. There’s something for everybody!

Some fun facts, and I’m not sure if this goes for Vovo Telo nationally or just in Port Elizabeth, but after 2pm on a Saturday, everything on display is half price! Cakes, sandwiches, breads and pastries. Please…save some for me! Secondly, I recently ordered my husband’s birthday cake from them. They don’t specialise in birthday cakes, but will make any of their display cakes on order. I got Red Velvet and the cake was absolutely DELICIOUS! They do: chocolate ganache, salted caramel and peanut butter, carrot cake and Red velvet. Salted caramel and peanut butter…I’m coming for you!! Lastly, I think breakfast is served all day now, whereas before there was a cut off time. Great news for us that enjoy eating breakfast for lunch when we can 😉

Next time you’re looking for a great coffee spot, go and find a Vovo Telo in your city, you won’t be sorry! Have you been to Vovo Telo? If yes, what’s your favourite thing on the menu…perhaps I haven’t tried it and I can try something new. You know what…I’m lying..I won’t try it. I just want my marinated tomato pizza….all day every day!


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