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My least favourite Boxycharm items

Some of you know that I sadly had to cancel my Boxycharm subscription.  I think due to the blog, I take credit for the fact that I made Boxycharm very popular in South Africa, so I almost feel like it’s my baby 🙁  When I had to cancel, I was literally heartbroken. Lately though, I’ve been wondering, how many of my items I actually ended up using, and how many have either been:

  • The wrong shade
  • Doesn’t suit me
  • Something I’d never use

Along with Melanie from Melanie’s Nook, we’re going to share the items from Boxycharm that did not float our boat, for whatever reason. I did not hate a lot of these products, they just didn’t appeal to me, and I’ll share why.

Small Z-palette

My first box was absolutely amazing, but besides the Dr Brandt microdermabrasion, I ended up using nothing from this box. A z-palette is just something I’d never use as I am drawn towards complete palettes and have never purchased a single eye shadow in my life.

Urban Rustic Palette by Naked Cosmetics

This palette is so pigmented and beautiful, it pains me to have it on this list! I just never found any excuse to use or wear these colours.

Concealer Palette by Measurable Difference

This palette was just a dud for me. The formula is so dry and unblendable that it was a pain to try and use. I tried to dabble in cream contour, but for the most part, I just never used this palette. I do think that it’s fine if you add an oil, that helps it blend way better, but I don’t have time for that as a mom of 3!

Side note: It looks used, but that’s all Adam! 

PUR Blend Squad: 3 piece contour blending sponges

Just awful. Rock hard. The end.

Uni-Brow Universal Eyebrow Pencil by WinkyLux

I really like this pencil, but it just gets very dry after a while. Also my first one was broken, so they sent a replacement. On its own. Separately. So I paid shipping for one dry pencil all the way from the US.

Body Illuminizer by Ofra Cosmetics

This is an illuminating body lotion. I’m just not that girl. So this isn’t a bad product, just something that doesn’t appeal to me unfortunately.

Loose Blush by Studio Makeup

This is a beautiful blush, but it contains shimmer particles. Being a more ‘mature’ woman, I cannot really do shimmery cheeks. It accentuates my pores and texture. If I was younger with beautiful smooth skin, I’d be all over this one though.

I am sure I am forgetting a few items, but I ended up redirecting a lot of products that I don’t use or like, so hopefully they’ve been getting some love in their new homes. If you subscribe to Boxycharm, were there any products you were not totally in love with? Or did you perhaps love the products I’m hating on?

Don’t forget to check Melanie’s post out HERE .



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